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What was this ancient dos game?

Asked by RocketSquid (3475points) November 24th, 2010

A coworker and I were reminiscing about some old dos games when he mentioned one he barely remembers but would love to find. He mentioned it had ridiculous types of armors (like wood armor, stone armor, diamond armor) and graphics similar to Ultima 5. The one scene he remembers clearly was the main character(s) are stumbling through the woods when they come upon a woman on the ground, and a text box reads “Oh! A naked lady!”

Any idea what this game could be?

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Damn. A game with a naked lady and I don’t know it?! What are the odds?

I could guess Leisure Suit of Armor Sir Lancelot, but I’m sure I’d be wrong.

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Is that Knight-Quest?

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final fantasy 1?

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I had played something simular called “Quest for the crystal kingdom”

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I might be thinking Kings Quest.

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