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How can I learn by myself how to color comics with a computer graphics software?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1911points) November 24th, 2010

I have all kinds of drawings, sketches and comics I drew in black and white by hand. I would like to scan some of them and perform professional coloring on my computer.

I would like to know what computer graphics software should I use and where you can learn it, maybe some books that deal specifically in this field. I once saw a cartoonist using a very interesting software to do that, with color layers and all kinds of affect.

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Have you thought about Illustrator?

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I use photoshop, but what’s really important is my wacom tablet. Drawing with a mouse is impossible for me.

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Draw / sketch on paper, scan it, trace it in Illustrator (or simply draw (computer) lines over the (hand drawn) lines). By closing shapes, you can easily color it afterward.

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Have you considered Smith Micro’s Manga Studio? It’s advertised for Manga art, but I’ll bet it would work with pretty much any illustration style. The software looks really cool and it’s for Windows and Mac.

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