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Are television, Internet and Hi Fi converging in your home?

Asked by flutherother (30391points) November 24th, 2010

These days we can watch television and listen to radio on our computers and we can download music from the Internet. What sort of set up do you have and how do you foresee it changing?

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We’ll still have tv’s as monitors for entertaining friends. But they’ll end up being the ‘hifi’ All in one. Networked with boxes (media centers) and computers. Everything will eventually move to overIP networked systems. Traditional TV will die out.

Right now I have a tv as an extra monitor – and also for the sound. Works great – got to love HD cables.

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Kind’a yeah…

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I also watch the BBC iPlayer, rent films and play music all on my PS3 so you can add games console to that!

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My new DROID phone is just that….TV, MP3 player, video recorder, takes killer pictures, I can watch TV, skype and Fluther anywhere any time! ;) I am still an analog sound geek….love my viny pumped through my Voice of the Theater speakers the way Rock was meant to be played….LOUD!!

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Mine is still all separate.

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I watch TV programs on my laptop, and I have DVD’s from TV shows that I can watch on the TV screen or on my laptop. My husband plays music on his computer while he is working, even though he spent years building up a CD library of hundreds of discs. His Blackberry can apparently do anything, it sends me pictures and messages, tells us where to drive, and connects with his computer at work.

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I’m waiting for GoogleTV, a Google/Blackberry hybrid deal and as soon as they come up with Google Boyfriend-in-a-box,,, I’m never leaving my house again.

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