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Whats the best skateboard brand?

Asked by loraina4lyf (52points) April 5th, 2008
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I like zero boards. I’m not a skater, I just like the way they look. Oh, also bakers look cool. To me it’s just a matter of opinion. Go for one that looks good to you.

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Ask @bulbatron

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I have an enjoi. With the panda on it. I like them because they’re light and stylish without usng excessive amounts of graphics.

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I’m a big fan of zoo York and girl boards myself

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I’m in love with my Veriflex, plastic trucks and all.

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its all about personal opinions. I used to have a blind, then i snapped it, then got a darkstar, then got a flip. All three were pretty good, the blind was alright, the darkstar felt very nice and smooth, and the flip was nice as well

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there are 3 main types of boards lolly boards (stuff you get from superceners e.g. Wallmart k mart) then practie boards such as element then there’s good boards like blacklabel alien workshop and mystery

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I’ve always skated Element decks. They’ve always felt great to me and had alot of pop. You’ll get a good board at any skate shop.

Just talk to the person working and try out a bunch by just standing on them on the floor. Make sure to get a size (width) that you’re comfortable with too.

I like 7.75”. Seems like right in the middle to me. Nothing over 8” or under 7.5” for your first deck.

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i like anti-hero and creature. i like wide boards and those companys usually put out a lot of 8.25–8.5 inch boards

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The best skateboard is whats best for you. I like a lot of concave and a whole lotta pop. Another major factor is the wood used in the deck. I recommend anything from Kayo Corp. (Rasa Libre, DGK, Organica, REAL, Crooked, Anti Hero). Each board has its own shape and personality. I got a board to ride in the rain, one for parks, one for daily street, and one for drunk cruises late night. Id stay away from Birdhouse, Hook Ups, Alien Workshop, Element, or any other major, mass distributed MALL SHOP brand decks… THey have horrible wood and tend to snap like twigs.

Dont worry about how heavy your board is. Make sure you got good wood, good bearings for the wheels, and some good griptape (Blackmagic, etc..). The trucks should be sturdy (I ride Thunder or Independent——tend to be heavier style trucks) but Ventures or GrindKings are fine too…

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its not about the looks on the skateboard if you skate the grafics are just going to come off soooo i recomend GIRL look up mike mo eric koston the board holds up very well good pop and not soo heavy

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love 408 that is the stupidest answer the best is girl and chocolate

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top 10
2.alien workshop
6.toy machine

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