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What are some thought motivating colors?

Asked by awacting (798points) November 24th, 2010

Okay so you’re painting an office or something and you ant a color that activates your brain. What color do you choose? Answer both on a personal level and based on fact please (and don’t forget to say which is which!).

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Red makes you hungry, blue suppresses appetite, and green is calming.

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Yellow.It is a vibrant,stimulating color that is said to inspire creativity.;) Works well in the office and bedroom ;)

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Orange is supposed to stimulate creativity. It would be a bit overwhelming for an entire room but a warm-toned accent wall could be nice.

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Sage green is very calming for Cruiser Stress and love to crash on my cush sage green couch, I have a soft muted yellow rag roll in the bedroom with highlights of brown and white and my yellow beige in my office is a great stress reducer that allows me lots of room for thought.

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“Physiological Effect: Yellow has proven to stimulate the brain.” Source

I like aquamarine blue.

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After being on Fluther for nearly a year and a half, these shades of green and orange make me think. A lot.

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This shade of pink

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I like all colors, sooo….pick your poison! haha

My bedroom is turquoise, minty green and yellow, it’s a joy to wake up in, bright with a retro touch, crazy wood and metal wall sculptures with blues, greens and yellows.

My kitchen is orange and bright green and my living room is metallic bronze with black, gold, beige and chinese red.

I have to surround myself with lots of color.

I live in an acid trip! lol


What is a rag roll?

Do you mean rag doll?

Awww, does Cruiser cuddle up with his dolly? lol

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@Coloma Kinda sorta!! Give Dolly a great big hug and dip dolly in pan of a different color of paint and hand roll dolly all up and down and all around the wall. Very cool effect!! A regular rag is a good substitute for a treasured doll! Best done while champagne is still flowing and there are people still there to help!! ;)

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Poiple. It makes me feel all slutty & consumed with gay abandon XD

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@Cruiser I get it!

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@Cruiser that is so cool!

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