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What's a recent Fluther moment for you - simple, special or memorable?

Asked by seazen (6113points) November 24th, 2010

Coffee to my left, a record playing in the background, an interesting question on fluther and I’m good to go. 6 a.m. in the land of no rain thus far.


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I haven’t been around much, so, I don’t have one.

Usually, though, it’s something that Lucille said. Makes me smile and makes me lose bladder control.

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When Auggie gave me a GA right before she modded one of my posts. Kind of like…“I like what you said, but I gotta do my job” sorta thing.

Lilycoyote has sent me a few very very sweet PM’s lately. Simone as well.

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Whenever there is a witty moment shared. Whenever I feel in sync with the other posters. I am called disabled now and find my self confidence was mostly attached to being a registered nurse. It’s not a job that translates. So I love it when everything comes together for a bit.

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The many incarnations of ChazziestMazziest R.I.P

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Today is a day that will haunt me forever…sigh….

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A really big one for me happened just last night, actually. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it when originally considering this question.

In this thread a new member troll made an extremely aggressive and hateful post towards the OP. I mean, really bad. “You are an unintelligent idiot” blah blah. Both poisonedantidote and myself came out swinging, each of us posting within probably two minutes of this fools first post. What struck me though was how protective we both were of a fellow jellie regardless of the actual content of the trolls post – meaning, his answer was full of venom towards believers, and despite both of us (me and poison) being rabid atheists, the manner in which he treated the OP made his comments completely irrelevant to us. Heh, maybe you had to be there, but man…we were pissed. After his first post was modded, the numb nuts actually sent me a PM asking “how did a jesus freak become a mod?” I told him “it’s not about whether or not the mod that removed your post is religious or not – it’s about you acting like a total prick. We don’t do that here. Despite our different religious or social/political beliefs, we honestly do try to remain civil to each other”.

He then added me to his fluther (lol!), and 15 minutes later summarily banned by Auggie (after he made another account and tried to continue his shenanigans).

It was a good night :)

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I think it was reading Cruiser getting called a retarded anal bead. That kept me laughing for a good 4 hours.

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@FutureMemory I told him “it’s NOT about whether or NOT the mod that removed your post is religious or NOT

Proofreading. I should try it sometime.

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@FutureMemory Next time Pm me when it happens. Damn the time dif. – I miss all the fun.
Edit: @Cruiser – Link?

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@MissAusten’s Party Favor Fish story still has me giggling every time I think of it. If you haven’t seen it before, take the time to read it, it’s worth it.

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This one is simple. The other day I looked at the Community Feed and I received the Cake in the Frizzer award. I have no idea what I did or said to get it. Yes, I like getting my awards and lurve, it makes my day and Fluthering worthwhile. That’s me, what can I say:-).

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@AmWiser – You mean you don’t even find out what those awards are for when you get them?! How frustrating!

I guess my moment was a few weeks ago when StumbleUpon sent me here to meet you all. Pretty happy about that.

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@Seelix StumbleUpon is how I found Fluther as well.

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@Seelix Some awards are self explanatory some take a little more figuring out as to how you earnd them.
Oh yeah! I found Fluther through StumbleUpon also:D)

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I realised recently that I genuinly care about my fellow jellies (one of our regulars hasn’t been around for about a month and I found myself thinking “I hope he’s ok” and really meaning it). I have never felt this way when on an internet community before, after all, I don’t know anyone here personally as far as I’m aware. What’s even nicer is that I have reason to believe that certain jellies genuinly care about me too.

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Answering this question is the most recent one.

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@Leanne1986 : It’s me! I care about you!

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The Blog interview.

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@JilltheTooth That pleases me greatly!

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