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What is going on tonight in NYC?

Asked by stevestl (48points) November 25th, 2010

Im in NYC for tourism during thanksgiving, what’s going on tonight in NYC for thanksgiving?

What activities can I do in 3 days? (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) 25, 26, and 27th of November.

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Well I don’t know if you could get tickets, but the best part of the city for me is Broadway!!!! I love theater and music.

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By the way, I’m staying at a hotel in New Jersey near Newark Airport, NJ. I have my own CAR, should I drive to NYC, or should I take the train?, If driving my car to NYC, then is finding parking spots easy and cheap in NYC esp. near Times Square?

Thank You!

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I would highly suggest the train. If you’re right outside you have to pay a lot of money through tolls to get into the city in the first place. Then finding parking spots is nearly impossible ESPECIALLY near Times Square. Whenever my family drives in we end up spending too much Monet on the occasional parking garage that we can find.

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Shopping will be madness, so I am guessing you don’t want to deal with that. I love the ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty of they ar open. The statue is beautiful up close, and if you have latives who came rough Ellis Island it is neat to go, look up there names, learn about the journey the new immigrants took back then.

The metrpolitan museum of art is fantastic if you like art. The suggested price is just that, suggested, so you can just pay $5 if you don’t have much time, or just want to get a quick feel for it.

The plantarium at the museum of natural history is very good also, it was renovated about 15 years ago.

I know I said shopping will be crazy, but you can check out the windows at Macy’s set up for Christmas, which is very close to Penn Station if you take the train into the city. For that matter all Christmas decorations should be up, which is nice to see. If I remember correctly 5th avenue was always nice to walkdown during Christmas, but my memory might be wrong. Also the tree at Rockefeller gets lit this weekend I think?? Not sure.

Double check hours for everything because of the holiday weekend.

Oh, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is also nice to see.

Last thing, you can get a pastrami on rye at Carnegie’s, Stage, or Katz’s deli.

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Yeah, do not drive. You can get everywhere by train and foot. For the price of parking you could get five or six cab rides.

Train from Newark Airport to Manhattan, 25 minutes and $12.50

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If you use the subway once in the city you can get a subway map from the people who work at the station. Just go up to one of the windows and ask for one, it has the streets also, so it will help you get around. The subway connects to Penn Station.

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@JLeslie you’re right. The tree does get lit this weekend. Also based on your answer, all of the store windows should have their christmas decorations up and its really beautiful to go see them. Especially in the evening when its dark and they light up the windows.

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@awacting all the Christmas stuff is better at night.

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@JLeslie definitely. So is the city. I love it during the day but its ten times prettier at night.

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