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Should i ask for an invite for my partner?

Asked by unacornea (314points) April 5th, 2008

i was invited to dinner at someone’s house who i’ve only hung out with a couple times. he never mentioned my partner, who’s also been over to their house a couple times but wasn’t super social with him. should i ask if my partner is invited? or just plan to go by myself?

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Sure, I don’t see why not.

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I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask!

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would you like your partner to go or would you rather go by yourself? of course if you wanted your partner to go, it’d only be respectful to ask if they could go. that way you don’t bring over uninvited guests or unwanted guests. Of course in my opinion the person should of asked you if you’d like to bring your partner over or if “both” of you would like to show up to dinner.. just my thoughts

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Out of respect for your partner, I would decline the invitation.

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It depends on the relationship you have with the other person, and on the social event.

If it’s a snub of your partner, the wise thing to do is decline the invitation.

If it’s something your partner wouldn’t be interested in, check with your partner and the host, and accept if you think it will be fun.

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thanks everyone. i asked my partner if she’d be interested in going and she said sure. i asked the host and he said yes of course she’s invited. so everything’s fine. i was worrying for nothing.

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lol.. good to know you got it settled. even better for teh host to say she’s invited. enjoy the dinner. let us know how it went ..

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