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Mustache+Beard or no facial hair?

Asked by Written (825points) November 25th, 2010

This just came at my mind. Do women like men with a beard and/or mustache more then clean shaved men?

I always wondered.

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Every woman will like something different. I like clean shaven on most men, but there are some men who look great with a beard and mustache. And some who look better with just a mustache. Like Sam Elliot.

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I like a 5 o’clock shadow.

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Depends on the man and what he can pull off.

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mmm, Sam Elliot, so good. I like facial hair and chest hair and the private hair.

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I like goatees. I love clean shaven too, and beards can be awesome, if they’re well cared for. I don’t like when you kiss a dude with a big beard and it smells like cigarette or last night’s dinner lol.

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No facial hair. I like clean cut guys.

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My wife likes a beard on other men, but not me.

Go figure.

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I’m an equal opportunity kind of girl… even on the same man, I’ve liked clean-shaven and facial hair of many types. If it looks good on you, I’m all for it… whatever “it” may be. :)

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My face sports the “designer stubble” look, the majority of the time. The wife has no complaints, in fact she positively encourages it. “Put that bloody razor away” she’ll say, in an oh so sweet way :¬)

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I like clean shaven men…. never quite sure what could be hiding under a beard!!!

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I’m female and I’ve always prefered a clean shaven man face both in looks and also how it feels against mine.

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Damnit. takes shaver

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@Written: Some guys’ faces look good with “scrub” in spots that gets trimmed & shaped. Why don’t you try it for a few days and see what kind of reaction you get?

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