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Have you tried this price guarantee loophole?

Asked by robmandu (21290points) November 25th, 2010

At Target, you can buy something and then return to the store with the receipt within a week to ask if they’ve dropped the price on the item since you bought it. If so, they refund the difference to you right then. That does work.

Would it that same thing work after Black Friday? That is, you find out what Target will have marked down for Black Friday, buy it beforehand, and then return to the store after Black Friday with the receipt and ask to be refunded the difference.

Of course, I think of this now (8pm, Thanksgiving Day). So I can wait until next year to try myself… or ask if you guys have figured this out.

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I’ve never tried that, or even heard of it to be honest. That sort of tactic wouldn’t ever occur to me – it’s not in my nature to scam people.

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They do that at The Limited and Express retail shops. That is what is meant by their signs that say, “No Sale Ever Final”. They don’t explain that but I think it is pretty cool they offer it. I am pretty sure most places don’t do that but good to know that Target does for a week at least.

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@FutureMemory How is it a scam if the store offers this? They have to know that people are going to bring back the receipt and get the sale price if they buy it around Black Friday.

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I don’t think it is a scam. Customers do nothing wrong by using a service offered by the store. If the purchase and return meet the guidelines, then it is a-okay.

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It has to be for the exact same product. The Black Friday TV is not a standard Westinghouse TV, and is not even available at any other time – to anybody.

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I misread the question. Sounds like a good idea to me.

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Consider what your time is worth. How far will you have to drive? 5, 10 miles How long will it take? 2 hours total? How much will you save? Then do the math.

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I’m way to lazy to go twice, and it does feel dishonest to me. It probably isn’t, really, but I’m way too much of a goody-two-shoes to pull it off without feeling bad about it.

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