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Where would you most like to live and why?

Asked by iLady (23points) April 5th, 2008

If you could live in any place/city in the contiguous US, where would you choose?

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The White House.

Barring that, California, because that’s where I’ve lived almost all my life and I’ve really enjoyed living here. Preferably somewhere around the coast.

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Coronado Island, near SanDiego.

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Southwest France: Ocean, delicious food, quality lifestyle. Awesome.

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Denver, because of the weather. I just want to escape the humid weather here in Houston, and all the bugs that come with it.

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near any beach that is warm year round. I hate cold weather! Plus I want a wacky hot pink house and the only way to play that one off is to live in a beach house!

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Boulder, CO was truly breathtaking. I would have to pick a city that I’ve already visited because what if I’m totally off-base? Otherwise I would say anywhere in Alaska.

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with iLady. She’s hot

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