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Any tips on how to take care of a Rosemary Christmas tree (bush)

Asked by Jude (32131points) November 26th, 2010

I love the smell. :) I got one last year, but, it didn’t last all that long. I plan on putting some white twinkly lights.

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Are you trying to keep it as a house plant, or planting it outside?

The type of rosemary plants that are used for those min-Christmas trees are chosen specifically for that purpose only (for fast growing, takes trimming into shape, and survives shipping,etc). For outdoor planting, a better bet is to ask your local nursery what varieties survive best in your area. As far as keeping it alive indoors, I’ve never had any luck.

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syz, I’ll be keeping it inside. Last year, though, it dried out awfully quickly. I would say 3 weeks. Do you they tend to last longer than that?

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I have a friend who’s had a rosemary plant for years. Every spring it goes outside; every fall it gets a haircut, either repotting or some soil amendment and gets returned to a sunny and dry spot.

It is not a carefree plant and requires some attention: Love your rosemary plant

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Being a city dweller, I love those little “trees” and each time I buy one I notice that they last only about as long as the holidays. It’s my belief that they have outgrown the pot they come in by the time they are ready to sell. If I were going to keep one, I’d replant it in a pot twice the size as the one it came in.

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