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I'm bored, so I think I'll learn another language. What do you recommend?

Asked by XOIIO (18118points) November 26th, 2010 from iPhone

I decides to learn a 3rd language, what should it be? I’m leaning towered Chinese or Japanese (more to Japanese), but what do you reccomend for a new language to learn how to read and wright?

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Perhaps it would be good to work on your spelling and grammar in English. I decides? towered? Wright?

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What are the two languages that you already speak?

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How ‘bout Enochian?
Read and wright? Really? Do you know how hard it is to not comment? Grammar nazi my ass.

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@marinelife ever type on a smeared iPod screen in -20?

@bob French and English ( and a code that only I can write in)

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@XOIIO OK, then, I suggest Spanish as most useful in everyday life.

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@XOIIO And where do you live?

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@bob Saskatchewan, Canada.

want my adress so you can come and rape me?

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Japanese if a bit of a hassle to try and learn since most guides assume that you already know at least some Japanese and thus are an exercise in circular reasoning. Plus, there are multiple written languages; Kanji, which is rather like Chinese in that each character is a word, and Katakana and Hiragana, which are both syllabic. If you want a challenge though, it might be fun.

I find Spanish to be more practical as I deal with many Mexicans in my daily life.

BTW, that is another reason why I like my Droid X; a larger screen means a larger on-screen keyboard :P

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@XOIIO Of course not.

I can trace your IP.

Well, I don’t suppose you’d get to practice much Spanish up there, or any other language, for that matter. So… yeah, go with whatever interests you.

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@marinelife: Notice also “recommend”?

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English, Spanish and Madarin are the top choices. They provide you with maximum possibilities in translation for a variety of fields.

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Spanish would be a good choice as it’s so widely spoken.

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@Blondesjon I think the question still has potential, and besides, you have no right to say the question is finnished.

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Finnish is a language…

Even though you’re leaning towards a verbal language I’d like to suggest sign language. It is fun and it can be easy to learn. Plus, if you teach someone else sign language you guys can have a “private” conversation and no one else will know what you’re saying. It also comes in handy when you don’t want to talk with your mouth full.

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@Tink Oh yeah, I forgot about sign language. I wanted to learn that to.

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@Aqua gave my answer of Klingon before I could, dang! But I really do like @Tink‘s answer about sign language : )

Or for something a little more unusual you could try to learn one of the Native American Languages. This site may be of some use to you in that endeavor.

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Spanish is probally the easiest language to learn. I’ve had some Spanish and German classes in school. I thought Spanish was easier. I hear many others say Spanish is the easiest language to learn. Spanish is very common as well throughout the world and even in the U.S.

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Russian is 100% correct phonetically. If you learn the Cyrillic alphabet, you can pronounce all the words. English is difficult because of all the different pronunciations for one spelling such as: through; although; trough; rough; etc. Of course, you still have to learn the meanings of the words and the grammar. Maybe you could think of a country you’d like to visit (Italy is nice) and learn that language. Or learn ancient Greek and read the original Sophocles. Or learn a language that may not survive unless people learn it in order to pass it on, like tribal languages. American Indian or African. An African language would be fun. You could choose one that uses clicks in the back of your throat.
On second thought, rereading your question and responses, perhaps you should concentrate on learning to spell English words

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Learning a language because of boredom is not good enough a reason. There should be other factors that will motivate you. It’s a major effort. Doing it just a little bit won’t get you very far.

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GOT IT! I figured out what language I am going to learn!


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