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Does your pet have a favorite toy and what does he or she do with it?

Asked by Aster (19255points) November 26th, 2010

Yeah, our male is nuts over his toys. He seems to know if one of them isn’t on the floor. And that I’ve hidden it.
They’re chew toys with squeakers inside. He puts the newest one, a yellow gorilla, in his mouth and bangs it against my legs so it’ll squeak. Then he also wants me to throw it. All day long. Then he has the end of a dog chew; a rawhide. This is black because he buries it in the flower bed , digs it up, makes me throw it a few times then buries it again. The female never digs holes. It’s more convenient. (-;
So what toy or toys does your pet like and how do you know it’s a favorite toy?

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The Indestructible Stuffed Ducky

Any other stuffed toy she destroys within minutes, yet the Ducky prevails. She loves that thing.

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My African grey loves these. I hang this on the side of her cage near her perch. When it’s new, she’ll play with the plastic and wood bits by spinning them and moving them back and forth. After that she’ll start chewing at the wood. She’ll pick it up and hold it in her foot, or hang upside down from the top of the cage, and just go at it while saying things like, “Ow!” or “Let go! Let go!” (these are things I say when she gets rough playing with my fingers).

Eventually she’ll wear it down to just a sad stick hanging from a chain. The real test in that I know she loves this toy? If she’s on my shoulder she never wants to get off, but if she’s on my shoulder and I hang up a new one she runs right down my arm, into the cage, and starts playing with the spinning parts.

She also loves her swing. I’ve found that a large part of her day is sitting on the swing and rocking herself back and forth. If another toy is hanging nearby she’ll use that to spin herself in circles.

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Our rabbit has a favorite plastic ball with a bell in it that he will throw in the air and chase around the room or drop in your lap just to get pet.

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My 2 cats love the laser pointer and will sit and stare at the spot where I keep it until I play with them.
My dog’s favorite toy is a baseball bat.She brings it on our walks and I plan on using it to pummel coyotes should they ever bother us. :)

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My cat has an old black shoelace with a couple of knots in it that she loves. It actually came with her, kind of like Barbie comes with shoes or a purse.

Magrat was adopted from the SPCA by a family with young children, who realized quickly that the kids were allergic. My sister found out through the friend of a friend, and decided that I needed another cat. The family included her toys (which consisted of the shoelace and a strange, small wooden fish) when my sister went to pick her up.

She loves her string, and she loves to play String. String is a complex game with intricate rules and regulations. It mostly consists of me wiggling the string around in her face while she jumps up and tries to catch it. When she does catch it, she loves to rub her nose and the sides of her mouth on it.

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@Cruiser I had no idea rabbits could act like dogs! Yours sounds so smart ! I hope they live a long time . (;
@Seelix Magrat sounds like a lot of fun . You’re lucky to have received her.

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My dog’s toys never last long before needing to be replaced. She particularly loves leather footballs and soft plushy toys, and she does the same with each: tear a hole in it and rip the insides out. Once it’s empty, it’s no longer of any interest to her at all, and she has no interest in “indestructible” toys. So she has a favourite type of toy but that’s all.

One time I was watching a documentary about wolves on TV, and I saw how the pack would tear open the carcass of their prey, pulling out all the insides to eat, and it was exactly how she behaves with her toys and footballs. Pure instinct.

The other thing she likes to play with is an empty 2 liter plastic pop bottle.

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A couple months ago, our puppy had just wrecked his toy and we had thrown it away. We needed a new one to keep him from chewing everything in the house up. My dad always has holes in his socks, so we took 2 of them and tied them together to make an “octopus”. We thought this thing would be dead in a couple days, but by then we’d get a new one from the store. But, no! It’s still around! This thing has lasted longer than any of his other toys.

He’ll bring it to you, like he wanted you to throw it, then, just before you pick it up, he grabs it. He really wants you to chase him around the house and RUN! I get very tired doing this. I’ll get up every hour or so and chase him as a break from school work. I don’t think I could take high school without being able to do that. (I’m home schooled.)

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Harley is my 4th bunny and is quite the smarty pants. My first bunny no surprise named Einstein and could unlock his cage and find his way to the closet where his food was stored and would kick my bedroom door to let me know he was up and hungry!

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This stuff is blowing me away, @Cruiser . @ChocolateReigns , my male dog constantly will put a toy in his mouth and “breeze” it by me just to prove I can’t grab it . He’s right. He is so fast, even if he only wiggles around a 2’ square area, that I can’t touch the thing. Even when he drops it at my chair to throw he’ll often grab it just as I reach for it. I guess they think of this as funny or as a tease. It’s so human !

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@Aster I know! My mom has said that dogs really are stupid animals and nothing’s going on in their heads, but I really think he’s got a human brain.

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