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What should I get my boyfriend for christmas?

Asked by Brenna_o (1776points) November 26th, 2010

Nothing dirty but something he will enjoy. He is active(ish) in college, funny, and charming. Any ideas that will help me?

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Is he interested in sports? What are his hobbies? Does he like to eat? Does he like movies and/or music? Does he like books? What is his subject of study in school? Does he enjoy going to museums or the zoo? Does he like to hike or camp? Does he live in the dorm or at home with his folks or in an aparment or house? Does he like to barbecue? Does he like photography (does he have a camera?) Does he like artwork of any kind? Does like gadgets or working with tools? Give us a little bit more info and then we’ll get to work with the ideas : )

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There’s this great book called “You Know Him the Fuck Better Than I Do”... it’s awesome. It’s by me…

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@JeanPaulSartre I totally have a copy; I got it because of Fluther.

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He likes watching sports but not playing them. He lives with his aunt. He is studying to be a nurse he isnt into photography he love music and movies and camping. likes zoos and swimming

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That’s awesome that he is going to become a nurse! My Dad and brother were both in the same hospital in the last year. One of the best nurses they had was a man. It was very helpful because my Dad and brother both had heart surgery and this strapping young man was able to lift them and he was really nice and had lots of “guy” things to talk to my Dad and brother about which really helped to keep them in good spirits. One of my male cousin’s, who is currently and EMT is possibly going to nursing school next year too.

So I would suggest some neat new camping gear like I got for my brother on his birthday. I got one of the new style LED Coleman lanterns like this or a Stanley vacuum bottle thermos or a Coleman soft sided cooler with a 6 pack of his favorite fancy beer inside.

And I would suggest a membership to the Zoo or to an indoor pool. Or you could get him a nice new bathing suit and a towel and a nice pair of flip flops (for the pool or when the weather warms up).

A gift certificate for Netflix or itunes or his favorite restaurant so that you and he can dine out together, without his aunt (not that she’s not nice). Or some tickets to the local movie theater.

Or you can look up some books on Amazon, I can’t seem to access that right now : ( for books that have to do with nurses (I did this for another relative who just became a lawyer) they could be serious, like a philosophical book that has to do with choosing a life as a nurse and all of its responsibilities and repercussions in his life, or a funny one that has nurse jokes or anecdotes by nurses, or a cookbook of some type that was either written by or for nurses, or just a cookbook that is full of healthy recipes such as one that is all about heart health or a vegetarian book or one on how to prepare delicious, but low fat foods.

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A pair of Adidas GSG 9.2 combat boots. Believe me when you’re standing up all day comfortable footwear is the only thing you care about.

Also here’s the ultimate comeback for when some one makes a comment about being a male nurse. “I applied to be a female nurse, but I didn’t pass the physical!”

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