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How can I fix my Xbox 360?

Asked by TexasDude (25264points) November 26th, 2010

I went to play some Fallout earlier and my Xbox said “open tray” instead of loading the game like it usually does when I turn it on. I opened and closed the tray and the system made two audible clicks while saying “reading” before it gave up and said “open tray” again.

I’ve had this issue before about 6 months ago and it seemed to fix itself after I opened and closed the tray several times. I blew it out with a can of air duster to no avail, and I did the whole unplug it and take the hard drive thing which also did jack squat… is there anything else I can do without having to send it in to Microsoft? (I’ve already had to do this twice).

Also, I should mention that it was working perfectly fine just last night.

In before “console gamer, lol” and “should have bought a PS3”

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It really sucks when that happens. Mine and my brothers Xbox has been doing that lately as well. And my brother just opens and closes the tray several times as you said you did. But normally for him that works. I’m sorry I can’t help. But I hope it starts working again for you real soon.

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@beccagolling, I’ll try that again. I appreciate it, mate.

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I found the issue we had was due to a failure in the “eye” or lens of the console that reads the discs. I found these lenses that read the discs are made of plastic and can overheat easily and “melt” or warp and was told never to play more than 2 hours at a stretch. Ours was a $50.00 repair or a $35.00 part you can buy and attempt to repair yourself.

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@Cruiser, well, I beat on the console a bit gently while it was “reading” and now it works fine. I tried several discs and I haven’t had a problem… this is what I did last time and it worked for a good 6 months, so we’ll see. Thanks for the tip, though. I really wish Microsoft would get their shit together and actually make a quality product

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When this happened to my Xbox, we found the same issue as @Cruiser. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to hear that it’s a common problem.

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Mind you, Bethesda still hasn’t released a patch to fix all of the glitches in Fallout New Vegas. I’m playing on PS3 – froze the F-up about 3 times now… _ .

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@Disc2021, yeah, I’ve played the fuck out of New Vegas on PS3, and I’ve had tons of crashes. I usually just keep a ton of save files, when I remember to, just in case. My xbox has been working fine since I beat the shit out of it… go figure.

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I just had mine fixed earlier this week, cost me $60 to fix the laser, cd tray and “the red ring of death”. It’s working great so far but I still think I’m going to sell it and get a ps3.

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Mine’s been working fine now ever since I whacked it a few times…

Weird. If it does wind up fucking up again, it will have been my third Xbox to crap out on me. In that case, I’d vote with my wallet and get a PS3 instead.

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You may find a do-it-yourself solution on this site. Good luck!

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