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What's your favourite killer animal movie?

Asked by Berserker (33454points) November 26th, 2010

You know, stuff like Jaws, Lake Placid, Cujo, Anaconda. You may also include swarm movies with rats or insects, like The Swarm or Kaw or Killer Rats. (Or The Birds, total classic.)
Are any of them any scary? I mean they’re usually exaggerated…but I do think Jaws has its moments.

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Arachnophobia or Jaws, there are many movies now days with some animal killing people, but I just see a jaws rip off in most cases.


Depending on how we define “animal” and how we define “monster”. I would substitute my previous choices for the movie tremmors. To me it is an animal, as explained in the movie, but as its a fictional animal, some may call it a monster.

Tremmors should really be a terrible movie, It’s full of all the things that make a movie bad, but for me it just works, everything comes together to make an all round enjoyable movie. Something you can just put on and escape in to. Just like the movie commando, it should be terrible, but some how becomes great.

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I always liked Willard and his swarm of killer rats.

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Hmm…monsters don’t really count, in my question they have to be things that exist, no matter how grossly deformed.
But Tremors is too classic to leave out, and even if it’s a fictional worm, it acts more like a killer animal movie than a monster movie.

Although I’d like to point out, Piranhas 3D is a remake of the 1978 original, so I denno if it’s too much a ripoff from Jaws; but probably. XD Never saw either, but one fish eating peeps can’t be so different than a school of fish eating peeps.

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The Birds, Ben, Jaws and Alien look like an animal…space animal and scared the shit out of me!!!

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The Birds

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Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. And Tremors is awesome.

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Mega Sharks VS Mega Octopus…is that real?

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@mrentropy That reminds me, I saw this one movie on the Sci-Fi channel where there was a huge half shark half octopus that could walk on land with its tentacles to eat the people. It was a killing machine!

I like Eight Legged Freaks, Frankenfish, and Jurassic Park 3 the best of all JP movies imo.

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Aracnophobia really did it for me. Not being massively keen on spiders it kept me checking the toilet and my bed for months!!

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If you’d asked me this question years ago i’d have said Jaws hands down….or bitten off to be more accurate. Now though, not so much. I mean it’s still an enjoyable romp especially the bit where Ben Gardener’s head floats outta that hole in his boat…....still makes me jump, that’s the kind of fuckin wimp I am :¬( Anyway, to answer your question….eventually, I’m going to have to say The Edge is my current fave. Gotta love that big arse bear. Mean sonbitch expression on it’s face, that bottom lip quiver gives me the heebie jeebies!!

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da Birds!!!!!!!!!

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Jaws takes the cake without a doubt, but The Birds is epic. “Them” and “Food of the Gods” are pretty good. “Propechy” (1979) was hokie but entertaining. Arachnaphobia, Deep Blue Sea, Open Water are a-ok too.

But for sheer entertainment value, don’t miss
Spring Break Shark Attack
Shark Attack 3; Megalodon
Dinocroc vs. Supergator

I think I’ll revisit Cujo, as it has been several years (20+) since I have seen it.

But, “Orca” sucked!

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I liked Barracuda. I mixed real animals/fish with stuff in the water and a government cover up. Mulder is always right!

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Of the animal movies I’ve seen, I haven’t ever found them to be really scary. Most of them just seem too implausible for me.
Arachnophobia sure got me creeped out, though – thinking every little tickle or itch was a spider.
And the creepy cat, Church, from Pet Sematary had me a little freaked when I was younger.

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@Symbeline Yes, it’s a real movie. I think it’s available for streaming on Netflix. But I wasn’t serious. It’s a horrible, horrible movie and I get through maybe 15 minutes of it.

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Black Sheep by far! It is hysterically funny!

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@BoBo1946 I agree. The Edge is a great movie. I wouldn’t have thought about that one if you hadn’t mentioned it.

Gotta love Lake Placid. I love it for the cheese.

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Does the rabbit scene from the end of Monty Python and The Holy Grail count for anything?

And since we’re on the subject, Night of the Lepus was another great killer bunny flick.

If spiders and William Shatner are more your thing, may I recommend Kingdom of the Spiders.

remember how i said i was gonna kill you last @poisonedantidote? i lied

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Jaws and The Stranger Beside Me.

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@ucme Yeah that part with the head in Jaws made me jump too lol.

@marinelife Black Sheep is awesome lol.

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Frankenfish holds a pretty big spot in my heart. Mostly for the memories of watching the movie.. but it was so terrible, it was watchable.

The Fly comes in second.

Anddd Prophecy needs to make the list just for this scene.

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@jonsblond Err, that was me who mentioned da grizzly movie.
@Symbeline It’s such an ugly head, I wouldn’t mind otherwise :¬)

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oops @ucme hadn’t had my coffee yet when I answered. :)

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Jaws also has my vote. :)

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Jurassic Park

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@jonsblond i’m trying to remember what The Edge was about ?

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@BoBo1946 Well seeing as though once again it was my suggestion, I feel it appropriate that I avail you of it’s plot. Anthony Hopkins, billionaire….plane crash, fight for survival….big ass bear relentlessly pursues….

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@ucme ummm… missed that one! loll.. big ass bear!!!!!!!!!!!

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@BoBo1946 I’m going to let that one slide seeing though it’s you. Welcome back fella, good health & good luck on the golf course…..eventually! Good to see ya back in the madhouse XD

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@ucme loll.. just weak…other than that, doing good. Thanks Pal!

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@BoBo1946 Don’t mention it…...oh you already did. Still never mind eh! :¬)

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@ucme That movie does have one of my favorite airplane crash scenes. Sends chills down my spine. Love Anthony Hopkins in this film!

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Cujo! That dog is such a good actor! ;)

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