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What item are you searching for to fill out your collection?

Asked by seazen (6123points) November 27th, 2010

I am suggesting a thread for those who are looking for something specific for their (valuable, or just sentimental) collection, from comics and books, to stamps, art and coins. From dolls to action figures (which are the same, imo).

I think we could swap stuff, and maybe it would be easier and more fun than ebay. Plus we could discuss our collections, how long we’ve had them – and why the hell we actually accumulate the stuff.

Separate question about hoarding.


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First edition Dungeons and Dragons material

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Audio Books of Forgotten Realms by R.A. Salvatore

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This, for my collection of antiques that are going to go on a shelf. How’s that?

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I’m looking for a wall bracket reflector and an oil lamp for a wall bracket similar to this one.
I have a couple of the brackets but no lamps. One of my brackets also has a place to attach a reflector.

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To finish my Jello mold collection I need the lobster and the pineapple. Then I’m done… except for maybe the crab

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I am not a car collector,but I think I might like another ‘65 Corvair.
Turquoise with white interior.:)

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The Who By Numbers on vinyl in good condition. I’d like to find it in person, not online.

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I collect coffee cups from defunct Las Vegas and Reno Casinos.

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A few more pieces to match some hand painted unmarked (Czech) dessert plates I love, Dinner sized forks and knives to go with my silver set and Fostoria glass charger plates for putting under my regular china plates at special dinner time.

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red rose tea figurines

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