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Convert cassette tape into mp3 format?

Asked by skeh0138 (111points) April 5th, 2008

I’ve seen vinyl rippers, do they have anything of the same for old cassettes.

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This is a cheap and low quality way of doing it, but if you own a tape player with a headphone output and a pc with a mic input, you can plug them into each other and then play the tape whilst recording on your computer. If you catch my drift…

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The quality of a cassette tape is going be horible. This may not be the answer you are looking for, but I personally feel it would just be worth it to purchase in digtal format again.

Though, I think legally you could “pirate” the same music since you’ve already purchased the license with the cassette, its just a different median.

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you can go to a proffesional studio, just like you can do with vinyl, and they’ll digitally remaster it for you and convert it to mp3. although this is a more costly option.

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Although again, it seems unnecessarily complicated, unless you have something really important on the tapes, which you can get via spargett’s proposed means.

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Describing a professional studio remaster your cassettes as “costly” has got to be one the hugest understatements I’ve seen on Fluther.

Besides, sonically… there’s very little to master when coming from a cassette. The fidelity it really low to start with, especially if the cassettes have have been played for 15–20 years. That’s one of the biggest downsides of analog. Natural decay. And in this case, demagnetization.

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