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How do I fix this Zune problem in Ubuntu?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1423points) November 28th, 2010

Whilst trying to mount my Zune onto my ubuntu desktop (thus opening it via Wine) I got this for the first time:

Error initializing camera: -60: could not lock the device”

What the heck does this mean?
“Camera”? The icon of a digital camera appeared on the desktop instead of that of a portable media player.
(By the way I have not yet managed to work with my zune using wine.. I’ve tried and retried.. and this time was just the furthest attempt, but I got this weird message.any suggestions on how to make the bloody thing work?)

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First, can you be more specific about where this error message came from?
My guess is: you ran the Zune install program under Wine and plugged in the Zune when prompted, and got a dialog box with the message. Is this correct?
I recommend just plugging the Zune into the machine without running any “helper programs” and see what happens.
If nothing happens, maybe try posting the output of “lsusb” (run it in a terminal, of course) and I’ll see if I can be of more assistance.

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