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Should a waitress, without teeth, be allowed to serve food?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) November 28th, 2010

This is a delicate situation with me. I have known this person for many years. This lady has been a waitress most of her life. She served food, to the public, in a well-known restaurant. In her younger life, she had mouth cancer and lost all her teeth. Dentures are not possible. She was terminated from her job, because of a customer complaint of her having no teeth. This is a nice lady and is now unemployed. The reason for her termination is not clear, but she states it was not because of lack of teeth. Question: Need your opinion…....would you object to having your food served to you, by a person that had no teeth?

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Grandma serves me food all the time. No objections here.

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Not unless her teeth are in my food.

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a customer complaint of her having no teeth

Was he expecting her to chew his food for him?

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As long as she isn’t serving my food with her mouth and her hands are clean I don’t care what she looks like.

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Like i said, this is a delicate situation for me. i feel that she was terminated, because of the complaint, but, natuarally, this restaurant could not fire her because of this and civil liability. she is a great cook. i do not have a problem with this at all. like someone said, as long as her hands are clean, its okay with me.

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Maybe she couldn’t wait and chew gum at the same time…

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Nope as @Akua stated, that would not bother me.

And, it sounds a little murky as to why the lady was officially fired. I would try to obtain the official reason and their stated employee code of conduct, or rules, and the written job description, if they have one.

If she applies for unemployment, and of course the establishment refuses, the business will have to provide the reason on the appeal.

There may be enough evidence for a charge of discrimination.

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@john65pennington Are you trying to help her take a bite out of crime?

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Personally I would feel deep compassion for her, trying to earn a living with what most would consider a very unaesthetic appearance.

I would take no issue with this situation other than to feel a surge of admiration for someone who must face the world in a comprimised state of being.

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I pray that God will provide everything this sweet lady needs. Even teeth if at all possible.

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Ltryptophan, u made me laugh. she cannot wear dentures, because the cancer destroyed most of the bone structure in her mouth. she is a lady trapped in a miserable situation and now she is terminated.

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You say she is a great cook. If she found a job as a cook, she would be in the back where no one would see her and be able to complain about her having no teeth. Is it possible for you to help her find a job as a cook?

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I would contribute a few bucks to having her sent to a dentist, and examined. If the exam comes back as unhelpable then I suppose that is where it lay. I don’t know if it’s smiled upon here, but maybe if it comes back otherwise and your fellow flutherites put together we could get her a nice set of pearls.

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I will be completely honest and say that because it is not common to see someone completely toothless, it might be disconcerting at first glance. That being said, if her attitude is pleasant, the service is good, the food is safe and sanitary, and my experience was positive I would stop noticing pretty quickly.

I have always had teeth so I wonder, can not having them cause drooling or extra saliva or anything else that might impact food safety? I am sorry if that sounds kind of icky, but it would seriously be my only consideration as a customer.

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Poor lady, what a really lousy way to be treated. There should be something that can be done, in the UK we have employment tribunals for this kind of thing, but some employers can be sneaky (including mine) and make life so damned unpleasant for you that you leave of your own accord and then don’t have a case. This is called “constructive dismissal” and if you can prove it, by keeping a diary of events at work etc, you still might have a case at a tribunal. I don’t know how this works in the US I’m afraid.

I wish I could hug your friend, what ever happened to people caring about anothers pain? This is just a dreadful way to treat someone who has been through so much already.

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Typical of some inconsiderate people who cannot see beyond their nose and sit smugly in their own little world concerned only about their own well-being. I think it is unacceptable that people can judge others according to what they look like. I hope the complainer never has to face a serious health problem in his/her life which will affect his/her appearance!

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No I would not, at least she wouldn’t be able to steal my food and eat my steak (because she couldn’t chew it. I might have a problem with a toothless dentist though. LOL

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I hope when America finally gets health insurance for all, this is no longer a issue. The last time someone in Germany had no teeth was in 1948.

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