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Did you know that second-hand smoke is the most preventable disease?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) November 28th, 2010

I was shocked to read that 600,000 people, worldwide, die annually from second-hand smoke. Nearly half are women and 28% are children. In our early marriage, we were not aware of the dangers of second-hand smoke. No one told us. Our children survived and we were blessed. No so, for our granddaughter, my wife i raised. She developed asthma and was sick a lot. A Vanderbilt doctor told us to stop smoking in our house, that it was killing our granddaughter. This we did. We called a cleaning company and our home was thoroughly cleaned of tobacco residue. We now smoke outside. Question: I wonder how many people still smoke inside their home and are endangering their children and other family members?

Source: USA Today.

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The only person I know that smokes inside is my uncle. Fortunately, he lives alone. Personally, I refuse to allow people to smoke inside my home or vehicle.

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My 75 year old mother still does. I rarely visited when I lived closer to her because it only took a 5 minute visit before my clothes and hair were consumed with the stuff. I would need to take a shower and change my clothes as soon as I returned home from visiting her. I now live an hour away, so I don’t visit as much as I used to. She does try to not smoke around visitors now, but the house still smells of smoke since she smokes two packs a day.

I know several of my health issues are probably related to her smoking when she was pregnant with me, and smoking all throughout my childhood. I was born in 71, so the dangers weren’t known then.

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I’m not making any claims here, as I’m not qualified to make any claims, but I would like to mention, that according to penn and teller from the show bullshit, there has never been a peer review study showing that second hand smoke causes any harm at all. It may be a claim worth looking in to in a discussion of this nature. I do smoke, and have never looked in to the claim my self, if I had to bet money I would bet that it does cause harm, but worth mentioning I think.

Obviously smoking does cause harm, but there is a possibility that the second hand thing has been pushed by people with an agenda of their own.

I do smoke, but I have not looked in to any of the claims, simply because im of the same school of thought as bill hicks, that being “non smokers die every day”.

EDIT: nevermind, I was just looking for the original penn and teller video, but found this other video where they retract and ammend their claim.

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Just nitpicking, but:

Second hand smoke isn’t a disease. It’s a cause of illness. Therefore, people also don’t die from second hand smoke, but from “second hand smoke related diseases”.

I know it seems inconsequential, but you really can’t have a serious conversation if you’re not looking at things properly.

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