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What rituals do you follow during the holidays, or what have you ritualized?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30914points) November 28th, 2010

At my house when we’re putting up the Christmas tree, I play the same Christmas album first every year. It’s Barbra Streisand’s “A Christmas Album”. It’s come to be a ritual even though it sounds like something so small. It’s expected.

Some holidays call for religious observances. Non-religious folks may still follow holiday traditions without the overt religious practices, but they may still have rituals.

Are there things you do at your house during the end-of-the-year holiday season that can be called a ritual?

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Other than making a few ‘traditional’ family recipes I am on the other side of years of huge family/child raising must do’s for the holiday season.

Oh, and taking Xmas pics of the pets! My avatar is one of Marwyn’s Xmas pics from last year. Deck the halls with bowtied ganders! :-)

I LOVE the freedom from all the hardcore hype and have not put up a tree in about 9 years now.

I decorate with candles, string cool ornaments and lights on my asian screens in the living room, put up several small beaded minature trees and buy myself something really cool like the 7 foot memory foam ‘bean bag’ loveseat I just ordered from Amazon for my movie room. lol

I enjoy hostessing a small party for friends and neighbors and having my daughter and her boyfriend over for a gift exchange & hangout.

Simplicty is where it’s at these days!

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We usually try to get out to see at least one musical performance, often the Messiah.

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I try to avoid as many people as possible. I actually know a guy who would break up with whatever girl he was with on holidays that would require (or at least be expected) to come with a gift. What a class act he was. LOL

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My mom had certain rituals and traditions.Since her death,I do not practice any of them.It is just not the same without her and I try to avoid them.

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I clear out the closets and cupboard and take 2 huge boxes of “basic necessities” hats and gloves to the local shelter with my boys. They each have to give up a nice toy from their collection and they love doing it.

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There are many little rituals: getting a tree, decorating it, digging up Xmas lists. Getting presents. Wrapping them. Preparing an Xmas meal. Organizing a winter vacation. It’s all part of it. The most ritualized ritual—the one that always stays the same—is reading “The Night Before Christmas” on New Year’s Eve. Everyone who can read takes a turn. Which means everyone, these days.

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Larger family reunion on December 26.

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