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What does it take for you to keep your head on straight?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30801points) November 28th, 2010

It’s an old cliche to say that someone doesn’t have their head on straight meaning they’re going about some task or thinking about some situation incorrectly.

Do you ever find yourself completely confused or disoriented? What do you do to fix it?

Do you have a mental illness like I do that requires daily medications to keep lucid?

What about your head or thought patterns bothers you?

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Yes, my head is screwed on the wrong way round, thought patterns are non-existent, constantly confused and disoriented and as time passes, I go deeper into the laybrinth and find it impossible to get out. I’ve accepted the fact that at some point I will need a brain transplant!

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@ZEPHYRA : How do I get on that list for a brain transplant, too?

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hey Jake, how about neck surgery? That might work for me!

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I need a neck brace to keep my head on straight.

I’m always confused and disoriented, nothing will fix this.

I probably do have mental illness, but I don’t take medicine for it.

Everything about the way I think bothers, disturbs and/or scares me and/or everyone else!

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At least a six pack.

a twelve has a much more calming effect

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I don’t have a mental illness needing medication, but I do have mild learning difficulties that sometimes makes me really confused. I write everything down: instructions, lists and lists, and I find that helps.

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I have a thyroid condition that can render me disoriented and confused when my hormones get out of balance, and am pre-diabetic which can exhibit some of the same symptoms.

I find that going slow and taking time to think about what I am doing, concentrating on a single task, or asking for help can make a big difference.

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I’m like you in that my head kind of got crooked and I had no idea it was happening. Eventually it was pointed out to me that I was acting very strangely, and it turned out I was mentally ill. They prescribed drugs, and gradually my head became more solidly balanced upon my neck. At least, that’s what other people will tell you. I’m sure there are any number of people here who think I am much better off now than I was when I was not behaving the way people thought I should.

For me, it’s hard to see the change happening because it is so gradual. I can look back now, and see that I am quite different from then. Whether that is a good difference or bad one is a matter of debate. Yes, I’m more of a stable person, and I fulfill my responsibilities and I am not depressed all the time.

But I still have deep problems, and I don’t know if people have any idea what they are. I can control them. Presumably that’s due to the drugs, but I have no idea if I really need the drugs any more. And even if I did start acting erratically again, drugged or no, who is to judge my happiness? Maybe I like being erratic. Maybe it entertains me. Maybe I’m still self-destructive. I really don’t know.

I do like the stability, but I also like the tension and intensity of being in situations and not knowing how they will come out, or even if I will survive. Does that mean my head is not screwed on straight? What the hell is straight, anyway?

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@wundayatta : For me the choice was perhaps clearer. It was either psychoses or stability. I chose the stability, but I’m going through a rough patch right now where I don’t even seem to be able to manage that. sigh. This too shall pass.

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It’s always a struggle, isn’t it @hawaii_jake? No matter what kind of struggle it is. All we can do is try to support each other with our words. I do care about you, and I hope these few words can help you get through this rough patch.

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