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Is your spouse your best friend?

Asked by chelle21689 (7645points) November 28th, 2010

A lot of people say they are supposed to be. Sometimes I think people say it just because it’s SUPPOSED to be…but not really. I’m not married, but I just wanted to know all the married couples out there if their spouse is their best friend and explain why or why not. :)

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My husband is, but not because he’s supposed to be. I’ve known him since I was 20 (we’re almost 40 now). We enjoy doing the same things, enjoy the same music and have the same interests when it comes to vacations. He knows more about me than I do about myself, or so it seems at times. I know he has my back, and I have his. He is the person I go to with my problems, and the person I want to laugh with and spend time with.

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first off, Im married. She is my best friend. I think this is very important in our relationship and I think it should be for others too. I have other best friends as well, and I might prefer to do some activities with them more than my wife, but overall she is the best for all the reasons someone is a friend.

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yep, and she is my soul mate and confidant too. We are different in many ways but have many shared dreams and goals. I think its important that the person you are ‘closest’ to be a friend because it leads to trust and the ability to plan together for yourselves and future family.

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She is my best friend and my greatest foe.
She has brought me to new heights and
Dropped me to my lowest lows
She have given me a love I never knew
A trust that remains forever true
Anger that burns the brightest blue
Laughter that lasts the whole night through
All the emotions that sets this heart a glow
Comes from my best friend and my forever loving foe.

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My husband is my best friend for many reasons. I can tell him anything and everything and I know that he will keep things to himself when I ask him to. He’s there for me when I need him. We enjoy spending time together and we have a lot of things in common. We play games together, like the same music, enjoy the same types of movies. He supports my endeavors and encourages me to continue with my hopes and dreams. He helps me be a better person.

He says I am his best friend as well for pretty much the same reasons I’ve stated. We’ve both told each other things we’ve never told anyone else. I am here for him whenever he needs me and I would do everything in my power to help him when he needed me.

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we’re not married but he is my best friend because he is the most supportive, accepting, understanding, warm, loving friend i could ever ask for. plus we can DO IT.

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I essentially ditched the notion of best friend when I was around 12. Friends are friends there ain’t no best in my book. So no, she’s not my best friend. Which puts her in an elite & exclusive club.

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After 45 years married together, we had better be best friends. my wife knows too much about me and vice versa. our marriage is a team effort.

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Yes. He and I love spending time together, talking about things and laughing together.

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It seems that I’m in the minority.

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If I really think about it, my fiance is certainly my best friend. However, I don’t normally think of him that way. It just seems like someone that special shouldn’t be given the same designation as my favorite playmate when I was four (who I don’t even know anymore).

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If the definition of ‘best friend” is someone who is very serious about your happiness and getting whatever it is you want , in many areas, than yes. Or I should have said serious about getting most of what you want.

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Yes. We have been married for 36 years now. We were very comfortable with each other from the very first time we met, and the longer we are together, the more comfortable it gets.

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Most assuredly. My wife was my friend, then my best friend, and only then did we become romantically entangled. : )

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Very much so. At times she is my only friend.

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No, I keep forgetting he’s not required to be too. I’m used to being the first pick person my SO wants to do things with or confide to but am learning it’s not that way for everyone and still okay, the relationship can still be strong and good.

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What @psychocandy said. That pretty much nails it.

I’d say it’s a great asset to any relationship. Sex, looks, health, money and the like – they all ebb and flow (and sometimes wane) over the years; but if you’re the best of friends, you always at least have that foundation to get you through the rough patches.

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He is one of my best friends, yes. I actually have 4 “besties”, but my husband shares the top of the list with a girl I’ve known since childhood.

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I’m engaged, not married, but we’ve been together longer than plenty of our married friends, so whatever.

Yes, she is my best friend. We take part in a lot of the same activities, and have our own separate ones. I really can’t imagine our relationship any other way. In big part, our relationship is built on being able to talk for hours and hours about nothing and everything at the same time, without getting bored of one another.

That and food. She’s very clear that I have to keep her fed. :P

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After almost 25 years of marriage, definitely. Always has been, always will be.

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Yup, he is. He shares that spot with a girl I’ve been super close to for 22 years now. If ever there’s something I don’t feel comfortable talking about to one, I can talk about it with the other.

Actually, I really like @thekoukoureport‘s answer as well. He’s my best friend and my worst enemy. Much more often, though, he’s a friend.

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My boyfriend is definitely my best friend. He was my best friend before we became a couple.

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Mine wasn’t. We had some issues, but I thought we were, and turned out not to be true. Now we are divorced.
Your spouse should be your best friend, accept you as you are, be there when you need someone for whatever the reason, someone you can trust, talk about anything with, laugh with, have things that you enjoy doing together, etc.

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