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Why do dogs bark when ever they hear another dog barking?

Asked by helkie (250points) November 28th, 2010

Well I have 2 dogs and if one starts barking at least 5 seconds later the other one will start. Why do they do that, I mean if the other dog knows there’s nothing there why does she still bark?

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If two people are in a room, and one speaks, what does the other one do?

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If they are like my dogs, i think they do it just to hear their empty heads rattle. :)

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I don’t know. I just wish they’d stop it.

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I don’t think you can assume there is nothing there. There is nothing that you sense, but dogs hearing is better than people’s.

Also, they alert for different reasons than we would.

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Dogs hear a lot of things we don’t hear. Maybe they are both barking at the same thing, but we don’t hear it.

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I always thought they were just barking for the sake of barking.

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I’d like to give them credit for having super sensory perception but sometimes one dog will bark at something on television and the other will come out of a dead sleep to join in with obviously no idea what the fuss is about.
It’s a social thing and I don’t believe a bit of thought goes into it.

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They can’t have Fluther accounts, so it’s the only one way they have of giving lurve.

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All animals communicate especially amongst their own species.
In your case your second dog is probably barking as a form of re-assurance towards the dog that barked first.

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Because they’re a sociable pack animal who just love to chat. Much like our good selves…..only we can’t lick our own genitals, unfortunately :¬)

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