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For a university project I'm creating a brand identity for a healthy takeaway place. Got two concepts. Which one is the best?

Asked by sugarMonsterx (45points) November 28th, 2010

I asked a question a few days ago on here about this, but I only had one concept then. I’ve got another one now and I want to know which one you think is the one I should go for.

For a university project I’m rebranding a healthy takeaway place that sells pastas, soups, sandwiches, salads, and smoothies.

My first concept was to use the fast forward symbol in the logo, and incorporate the food they sell in the two arrows. (e.g. a sandwich as one arrow and a pasta squiggle as the other arrow). My target market are city workers and students who want to get food quickly on their lunch breaks, so I wanted focus on the speed of service in the logo so it connects with them.

My second concept goes down the healthy eating route. The symbol would be a squiggle of lines that give the impression of being both pasta and a brain. so the slogan would be “food for the brain” or something along those lines.

Which one is better?

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Neither of these seems to be a bad idea, but what you really want to do is brainstorm the concept so that you have two dozen, three dozen, fifty ideas or more to winnow, combine and agonize over.

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What about something that combines the idea of fast and healthy?

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fast food for the brain?

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I love your first idea! Fast forward >>. You might have to use the words “fast forward” in case people don’t catch the symbolism. I might not if I were in a hurry, but with the words and the symbol you’d have my attention!

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I prefer the first idea and agree with @moogie that you will need the words fast forward. I’m unfamiliar with that logo, but the logo would stick in my mind if I also saw the words.

The second idea sounds more like information rather than cuisine. Kind of like the term food for thought, which is not about food.

And I agree with @CyanoticWasp that you should have more ideas before you pick one.

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I like the first one better. Plus, I don’t love the logo for your second idea – I do not want to visualize brain matter when I am getting ready to eat.

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All though both concepts have merit, it’s been my experience that execution of the concept(s) will prove it’s effectiveness. Do some doodling and explore it more thereafter.

We can all talk about the preferred shade of a color, but we’ll never know the exact shade until we begin to mix it.

It seems to me that you’ve created a dichotomy of the original concept (or positioning) “healthy takeaway”.

Concept 1: Focused on Takeaway
Concept 2: Focused on Health

Can you bring them back together?

Good luck!

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I like the Fast Forward logo. To bring the ideas of “fast” and “healthy” together, you might consider a slogan along the lines of “fast food, forwarding your health.”

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