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How to learn something new everyday?

Asked by albert_e (529points) November 28th, 2010

As one of the fundamental pursuits of life, I would like to learn something new – big or small – each day of the rest of my life.

When online, one way I try doing this is…

I bookmark the link for a ‘Random Featured Wikipedia Article’ ( and click it whenever I have some time.

Do you have any other suggestions or recommendations where one can find rich content – my general areas of interest are Science, Music, History, Technology.

Thanks in advance.


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Read as widely as you can, from news and hobbyist sites and all kinds of other sites. It’s probably better to focus on your interests and let them lead you other places rather than just doing a random sample of information. Also if you do the focus technique, you will branch out into new information in ways that make it easier to understand and remember than if you just plop down in the middle of something you’ve never heard of an have no context for.

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Only addressing the music portion of your question.

Youtube is a valuable source for all kinds of music. if you have a question, concerning the artist, writer or musicians on a particular song, you can go to Wikipedeia for more information.

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I guess because I didn’t learn English until I was in 2nd-3rd grade – I instantly became interested in relearning all the vocabulary I knew at that point in Spanish.

Over the years I have always looked up any words I come across which I don’t know the meaning of.

With the Internet it’s easy to research new ideas, concepts and information. I would suggest you spend 30 minutes each day researching something you’re interested in. Another great way to learn new stuff is to travel if you have the chance to!!

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dont do the same thing every day and dont do something similer

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Don’t just read. Do. Get involved. Volunteer. Join a jam circle or participate in an open mic night. Join an amateur sports team. Go birdwatching. Take up gardening. Explore via biking, hiking, or boating. Take vacations in places with historic sites or great museums.

And when you do read, read actively. Write responses or summaries to what you’ve read. Keep a journal. Discuss what you’ve read with others, online or in person. Join a book club or study group.

Learning is great, but don’t just stuff your head with trivia.

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I’ve been thoroughly enjoying for several months now. This guy, Salman Khan, does basically ten minute chalkboard talks on math, science, economics, and some other stuff. He is an MIT grad, MBA from Harvard, became a hedgefund analyst, then got into tutoring his niece and her friends with their math homework. It grew into what he’s developed now. He quit a very lucrative job, and does a terrific job simplifying complex concepts. He’s been heavily endorsed by Bill Gates, and has also been on many shows like NPR, PBS, and CNN. He’s awesome. Check it out.

Also, I’ve been watching TED talks on a lot lately too. A wide variety of interesting speakers discussing a wide variety of interesting topics.

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I think the most important thing is to maintain intellectual curiosity, to satisfy their curiosity.

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Spend time on & off line with & around people who are intelligent & at the same time different or opposite yourself. The differences will bring up topics, disagreements & debates that will inspire you to research & explore the differences (even if you’re only doing it to prove them wrong you’ll learn bundles).

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I really like Mental Floss. It’s a print magazine as well, but they update their site daily with all kinds of interesting articles on all kinds of topics. The articles are generally pretty short, so you can spend as much or as little time as you like on the site. They also post brain teasers and quizzes once in a while.

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Log on to Fluther.

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By avoiding one common fault. Most have, few will not recognize.

Ignorance is bliss.

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I would tell you to be curious and mindful of everything that life has to offer. Even the once mundane – can be refocused into wonder and awe if you just pay attention to the mystery, beauty, and knowledge of questioning and appreciation.

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Pay attention. Watch, listen, wait and don’t control and guide and force your own point of view all the time. Those who observe, who live a life as an Observer really learn.

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