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Tips for my orchid?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) November 28th, 2010

I have a small orchid plant I’ve managed to keep alive for 3 months. Which is a big deal for me. Do you have any helpful hints to keep it healthy?

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Orchids are actually much hardier than most people think. Do you know what kind it is? (Most people are first exposed to phalenopsis.) Orchids (as a general rule) like bright, filtered light (no direct sunlight), and they must never be in standing water. The medium that they are grown in is designed to drain quickly, and their pots are usually either clay or have perforations for the same reason.

I put my 12 or so orchids outside in the shade in late spring and ignore them. Then I bring them in before the first real cold snap, and they invariably bloom for me. Because of their temperature and humidity preferences, I do best with phalenopsis and dendrobium (they light the same household conditions that humans tend to like).

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Orchids are fussy, but beautiful plants. For those who take to trouble to learn their ways, they can provide a lifetime pleasurable hobby, and beauty to delight you, your friends and family. Different species have different requirements. Some are very sensitive to light levels. temperatures and humidity. The fussy ones don’t make the best species for a beginner. They may require sophisticated humidity controls for their growing room.

So first thing is, if you don’t know the species, check online and find a site that helps you identify yours by its looks. Then read up on the care and growing of that species, and give it what it likes. It will return the favor with years of beauty.

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@noelleptc Of course there is no guarantee your orchid will be represented, but try this slide show and see if they have yours shown. It certainly isn’t a phalenopsis if it has small white flowers.

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