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Is there an app, extension, or add-on that will disconnect laptop from after a set time?

Asked by DandyDear711 (1512points) November 29th, 2010

I like to fall asleep to Pandora but I do not like to leave Pandora playing all night on my netbook.

I primarily use Google Chrome and Firefox for Linux.

To disconnect now from Pandora, I just let the battery run down. Netbook shuts down in 2.5 hours. Is this my only option?

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Here’s a free program that says it will do what you want. You can schedule a shut down using this software. This is the search I used. It has a number of other options. These search terms bring up links for software that can close individual programs at a certain time.

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Excellent, @wundayatta! I should have mentioned that the netbook I primary use has a linux operating system. I can use that free program on our windows laptop, though!

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I’m pretty sure Pandora has a built-in function where it will stop playing if it doesn’t receive any input for awhile. The music stops and a screen pops up saying “are you still listening?” I don’t know how frequently they come up, though.

More info here:

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Thanks @xxii. That happens if you do not have Pandora One – their paid service.

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There must be tons more, but you can also run the following command which is probably installed by default: sudo shutdown +30

That command will shutdown the computer in thirty minutes (change the 30 to another number to specify a different amount of minutes). Alternatively, you can run the following to have it shutdown at midnight: sudo shutdown 0:00

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@Vincentt – thanks!. i tried sudo shutdown +5. it started the shutdown process but it did not finish. It did what i wanted though! i learned something – thanks so much. (maybe i need a different command besides sudo.)

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I got it to work! sudo shutdown -h +30 (gotta add the -h). Woot!!

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Great :) (And, I learned something too, thanks!)

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@Vincentt i don’t think you were wrong. it worked for my (unusual?) version of linux. :-)

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No wrong, but incomplete – adding -h is a better way to shutdown (little did I know that without it, the command shutdown didn’t actually shut down :P).

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