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Chefs: How do you store your fresh cut fries with out them losing their starch?

Asked by simone54 (7581points) April 6th, 2008

I just started working at this place, they store their fresh cut potatoes in water. I know that they will turn brown if they’re not in water but storing them in the water makes them leave their starch behind so they won’t be a crispy as they should.

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I’ve read recommended on a couple of sites, here’s one from Potatoes dot com that you should first blanch them in about 350 for a few minutes, drain, let cool at room temperature or refrigerate and then cook before serving at 375 until golden brown.

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the other day I was watching the tube and I saw some sort of bag for veggies that keep them from spoiling and ironicly as it can get its called the veggie bag.

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