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Turkey sandwich in the fridge for a week...still safe to eat?

Asked by Sandwichdude (37points) November 29th, 2010

Left half a turkey sub (lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo) in the fridge since last tuesday. I imagine the sandwich might be sort of soggy and gross, but is it still safe to eat?

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Not on your life. my wife says to chuck anything over two days old, especially if it smells fowl, uh foul.

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No. Eat at your own risk.

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Take a bite and let us know. If you don’t answer back by tomorrow, we’ll fear for the worst.

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I wouldn’t risk it…but it’s your head hanging over the toilet not mine. lol

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No, pitch it. Open a can of soup for lunch.

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Are you Homer Simpson? If not, I’d say don’t eat it.

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The guidelines for leftover thanksgiving turkey is to freeze it right away or use it by Saturday at the latest.

If you can’t afford a new sandwich, you won’t be able to afford the hospital stay after you eat it.

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Especially do not eat it if it was out of the refrigerator and then re-refrigerated. The consequences of eating this are awful, and throwing out half an old sandwich is of no consequence. Toss it now (so no one else eats it by mistake).

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When in doubt, throw it out.

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When in favor, just give it some flavor.

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very much doubt it :-/

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Mmmmm that sounds absolutely delicious, not! I wouldn’t eat it and this is coming from a person who drank hot sauce and eats food that has been sitting out for days.

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When in doubt, throw it out! ;-) But yeah, a week is too long.

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I would go by stinkiness or 7 days, which ever comes first.

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Anyone ever see the Simpsons episode where he had to finish the hoagie from the company picnic. Best episode ever!

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Um, no. Try not to eat anything over like 3 days old. Especially if it smells funky!

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I can’t wait for a Turkey sandwich…sorry just saying :/....not long to go now though!

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safe to eat but tough to eat…..!!!

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Not unless you want an upset stomach.

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