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Which Tv shows would you feel right at home in, if that crazy notion were possible of course?

Asked by ucme (46208points) November 29th, 2010

Yeah, say the magical telly gods were to let you into their world. A life in front of the lens eh….what a thought! Of all the shows past & present that you’ve watched & yeah enjoyed, which would you jump at the chance to be in. A show which suits you down to the ground. Or one which you would feel comfortable with the characters/storylines. A comedy perhaps or maybe a heavyweight drama serial, you decide. Go on pick your show, you’re the star! Just for the record, i’d loved to have been in Starsky & Hutch :¬)

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The Beverly Hillbillies.
I’d like to tear up Jethro! Wooo-hooo! ;)

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The Office, Glee although I can’t sing and dance, I like the misfit concept
Mostly The Office probably

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The old Dick Van Dyke show.
“The Young Rebels”
I love the Addams Family’s’ house.

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@lucillelucillelucille Yeah, Lucille Clampett kinda has a nice ring to it. Or would you just use & abuse the big oaf….guy? :¬)

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@ucme -Ah’d take ‘im ta skool .

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The Office fo sho. X Files too. MULDER. SCULLY.

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Acting or if it was real? Because acting, not so much. But for real? Doctor Who, all the way.

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The King of Queens (Doug has my type of humor.)
The Big Bang Theory (Because I’m a nerd.)

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I could definitely fit in with Northern Exposure. I see myself falling madly in love with the character Chris Stevens (played by John Corbett), the disc jockey. He reminds me of my husband. :)

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Charlies Angels….helping 3 lovelies solve international crime would be right up my alley!

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Everybody Loves Raymond

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Sesame Street and Family Guy.

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Max Headroom (I’d be a blank, living on the fringes of society, running an illegal printing press in an abandoned warehouse, committing the federal crime of teaching people how to read and write).

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@HungryGuy OMG somebody else who remembers Max Headroom! I LOVED that series, deserves a dvd release.

OK, with regard to the question at hand, I still have somewhere writing paper which has a classic Trek series Enterprise on it and an arrow pointing towards it labelled “my room” so that should give you a clue LOL. I’d be found in the sickbay actually, dressed as a nurse wiping the brow of a certain Southern Doctor who was the first man to steal my heart even before I knew what love was. What a lovely lovely man and I would be the most dutiful little nurse ever. Ah…. bliss.

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The X Factor. I applied once, but was turned down. I’m just not as good as I thought :-(

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Sliders. I’d love to explore alternate universes with Q-Ball and the gang!

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@nebule Hey, you’re better off out of there anyway. That show’s a total train wreck now. Bullshit telly at it’s worst.

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@bunnygrl – Good news for you! Max Headroom just recently came out on DVD.

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Beverly Hills: 90210, because I would so date Valerie.

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@HungryGuy <hugs> thank you so much for the address, got all excited there, its on region one though, although if its been released on region one, then maybe region two isn’t impossible, I’m off to have a rummage about online just in case, thanks again <hugs> xx

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@bunnygrl – You’re welcome :-)

I suppose you could buy a multi-region DVD player (yes, they do make them, but they’re more expensive because the manufacturer has to pay multiple licensing fees for one player).

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ooooooo we have one of those!!!!! <slaps self> its the little dinky phillips one in the bedroom, we got it cheap in a sale a while back but it plays my copy of The Search for John Gissing and Bladerunner boxset and they’re both region one. Genius!!! Thanks again @HungryGuy <hugs> xx

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Home Improvement, because I can grunt like Tim the Tool Man Taylor.

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1. Pee Wee’s Playhouse
2. Roseanne
3. Sex and The City

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Stargate SG-1 or Stargate Atlantis. Although they have a nasty habit of killing off the doctors.

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The Simpsons,House MD and Criminal Minds

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Doctor Who – First choice
Dead Like Me – Second choice
Firefly – Third choice

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I would like to be the Director of Child Care on the Star Trek Enterprise.

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@bunnygrl – If you have children, another advantage of a multi-region DVD player is they can watch those imported anime cartoons that are so popular with kids these days…

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“Principles of Intermediate? Studyology? Class 101?
Oh my god, Community. Everyone has their own quirky reason for being in community college, and everything there is Serious Business, whether it’s a chase through a gigantic blanket fort or a Kentucky Fried Chicken-themed space simulator that turns into Apollo 13. I want to go to Greendale.

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@Haleth I thought of Community too but I wanted an hour-long show

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Torchwood or Babylon 5.

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@Supacase that show is so a documentary, not a sitcom

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@lloydbird Great comedy, loved Rigsby. If you were in that show, would you have gotten on with him do you think? I mean he was a miserable old goat, but he was funny!

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@HungryGuy nope, no children I’m afraid. You know I’ve never gotten into anime <apologies all anime fans, no offence meant> I absolutely LOVED the box the Bladerunner boxset came packaged in on region one (a copy of the voight kampff machine case) , I had pre-ordered it and had to wait a while for it to 1. be released and 2. arrive but it was so worth the wait.

I remember originally watching Bladerunner in the cinema with two friends (had originally wanted to see it simply because I had a huge crush on Harrison Ford and have always loved SciFi). The cinema was almost empty and I just lost my senses and my heart to it. It’s one of my favourite all time films. I do love that so many versions are included on the discs but have to be honest, whenever I watch it I always choose the original theatrical version before it was messed with (directors cut…. then final cut….. ick! I LOVE the voice over, very Raymond Chandler, although grudgingly I will admit that I do love the unicorn scene).
huggles xx

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@ucme “Great comedy” indeed. And great acting. Back in the days before TV comedy was de-politicised. How would I have got on with Rigsby if I had been in it? Well, how do you know that I wouldn’t have been him? ;-)

For anyone unfamiliar with it, do watch it. It is great on many levels.

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@lloydbird This is true, but i’m getting a distinct feeling here that you’re not into kicking cats…..although I may be wrong :¬)

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@ucme No, I don’t kick cats.
Although, I might twat a lion or leopard if it came at me.

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Bewitched. What a house!

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