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How could we go about designing an interconnected global software repository?

Asked by phoebusg (5241points) November 29th, 2010

Concept: A single place where every function, every bit of code is indexed, analyzed and stored in an integrated. Purpose: To index all the code there is, make function-sharing even easier and more efficient. Make application-development lightning fast. Easily string together functions in easier configurations – allowing even novice computer users to make custom applications and bring them to life quickly.

Similar concepts that are missing the integration:

A similar project that has the integration but not the openness: others like it?
In this project, wolfram is integrating functions and relating them across each other. In what he calls a computational search engine.

This is a collaborative question/discussion. How could we piece those together?

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Decentralized concepts keep the overhead low. The Internet already offers software repositories for example for Java class libraries.

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Take all the code there is.
Start stacking it until you can’t count the dimensions anymore.

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Oy. Who’s going to do the indexing, and what would that look like?

Microsoft, Apple and other developers and code owners may not like their proprietary (unencrypted) code available to just anyone with an Internet connection. And just what gets stored, anyway? The fully functional programs for Excel, Word, Access, etc. and the entire Windows / Mac OS, or the modules that go to make up those full applications and operating systems, or the subroutines in each module? How far do you break down or build up the package?

I haven’t looked at your links yet, these thoughts just occurred to me before I even decided to go there.

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@CyanoticWasp I hear you. It’s worth noting however that both MS and Apple worked off other people’s hacked code. The first MS operating system was a hack, first windowing system too. As far as OS X, it is a hacked freebsd kernel. Do you see the irony? I’d add more info but finishing a paper :)

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“Owning” code is probably the most wasteful thing on earth. It’s all just equations, most of em not even that hard, that these guys put in computers. Then they sell their work to people who didn’t feel like doing it. The mistake here is thinking any copyright is involved in making software. Once there’s some laws for free information things might start making sense again.

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@Zyx more or less yeah, you may like my answer to this question:

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