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How would you spend your few weeks off?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) November 29th, 2010

Okay! So I am a freshman in university, and my first semester is coming to an end! Finals are nearing, and so is the winter break!
My break is about 18 days, counting after the last day of finals.

If this were you—> a freshman finishing the first semester of university, and feeling like all you did was university, how would you spend your break? What would you do after all that overwhelmingly new stress?

I’ve already made up a large check list of things that I’d love to do before the break is over, but I’d like to hear more suggestions!

Here’s some examples of what I have so far!!:
DDR, Karaoke, Pool, Spa, Sushi, Skiing, Skating?, Wall Climbing, Exercising/ hitting the gym, and swimming. OH, also I’d like to go see a symphony, or orchestra… I’ve never been to one of those, but it sounds like a great idea.

Comments appreciated! =D

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Your list sounds really good!

If it was me I would want to get out into nature. Go for a hike on a wooded trail perhaps.

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@marinelife, thanks! and getting out into the nature sounds like a great idea! .. haha, it’s a little chilly for a wooded trail right now.. I think.

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My school had a winter survival course we could take during the winter break. It was an uncredited course so it didn’t affect my grades at all, but it was a bunch of fun.

Maybe there is something similar you can sign up for.

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Go somewhere you’ve never been but have always wanted to go, after you’ve had a taste of traveling somewhere new-it will be hard to stop.

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Go on a trip with some friends.

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I second a trip. Maybe a cruise, a road trip, camping, so many choices.

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I had four weeks at Christmas my first year. I worked as Christmas help in a department store up until Christmas, but then went skiing for a week. It was a great break.

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You are very lucky that you don’t have to work over winter break so that you have spending money for the spring semester.

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@BarnacleBill , oh boy, I never thought about work.. I hope I don’t work.. but thinking about it now, my boss might put me on!... >_<

@zenvelo, wow! 4 weeks sounds awesome!

@chy, @wundayatta, yeah, I’d go on a road trip or something, I thought about it, but I’m not the best driver, especially in snow….. I fell asleep driving at the wheel once on a road trip… haha… oh boy.. I think I’d best just go in better weather conditions. And camping is not so fun when it can be below 40.

@jlelandg, the place I want to go but have never been to is half way around the world! lol, I guess I’ll stick to smaller things for just the few weeks that I have.

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Sushi is awesome.

Do you have a lot of money? If so, TAKE A CRUISE! I’ve been on 4 Carnival cruises and they were awesome. You could not imagine the relief you feel when you watch land slowly disappear from view, then everything you can see is water. That’s when it really hits you that everything going on in your life; work, school, drama; it’s all back there on land, and you’re on the ship, ready to have a blast.

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@stemnyjones, haha, I wouldn’t say that I have a lot of money.. I’m saving up a bit for a possible trip to the other side of the world though! But cruises are indeed amazing! It’s so relaxing. =D

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Almost everything you describe can be done outside. You have just spent over 6 months indoors so get out and climb a mountain, swim in a lake, see a concert or symphony at an outdoor amphitheater….sleep out under the stars. See a city you have never been to and stay with other students or youth hostel. Goof off big time!!!

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