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Which Linux OS would you suggest for an Asus EeePc?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) November 30th, 2010

And especially would a dual OS booting system be advisable?

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I recommended Ubuntu and no I wouldn’t dual boot on those the processors are not the greatest (yet)

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Dual booting does not affect and is not affected by processor speed. Installing Windows Vista – dual boot or not – is a bad idea, though.

I would normally suggest the Ubuntu Netbook Edition, but 10.10 uses the Unity interface, which is just not ready for mainstream use, imo, and should not have been included in 10.10. 10.04 UNE would work very well.

An important proviso here is the age of the netbook, and specifically the data rate of its SSD – older,1st generation SSDs in the first batch of netbooks are extremely slow, and even the netbook editions of Ubuntu would suffer from poor performance. If your Eee is older, consider a distro running XFCE or LXDE – they’re very light desktop managers and will work far better than GNOME and derivative desktop environments on older hardware.

If your Eee is newer, I would recommend Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04.

If your Eee is older, I would recommend Xubuntu 10.10 or Fedora 13 with XFCE/LXDE.

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I would suggest either Lubuntu or Xubuntu if you have an older Eee PC, and the standard edition of Ubuntu if you have a newer one. The Unity interface for Ubuntu is still very buggy and slow at many times, which is why I don’t suggest Netbook Remix.

Another route to go would be Damn Small Linux.

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I’m a huge fan of Ubuntu. I really don’t think you’ll notice a performance difference using the netbook-specific installation of it versus the regular desktop edition. The regular desktop edition works quite well on netbooks and has all the features you’d ever want.

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I also concur. Ubuntu is the best choice, especially for a Linux noob. But go with 9.10 rather than 10.04 as 10.04 is still a little buggy. I upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 a few weeks ago, and upon starting, it went to a black screen and froze. 10.04 has “issues” with certain built-in graphics cards on the motherboard. I had to wipe my HD and reinstall 9.10 from scratch.

A good idea when playing with Linux is, if you have the CD, to just boot from the CD and make sure it runs before you go ahead and install it to your HD.

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@HungryGuy I wouldn’t recommend someone to use a really old version of Ubuntu just because you had specific issues with 10.04. It is a good idea to use 10.04 because it will receive security updates for a long time.

Also, I’m using 10.10 netbook edition right now, and find that it’s perfectly workable, as long as you don’t open the dash (which can take a while). Your mileage may vary of course, so I would indeed recommend to try Ubuntu 10.04 and perhaps consider an update when a newer version is released and you get bored with this one :)

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