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How do I pair my Apple Bluetooth Mighty Mouse with Windows Vista (using Boot Camp 1.2)?

Asked by chaingarden (133points) April 8th, 2007
Previously I was able to pair it but would have to re-pair it each time I rebooted Vista. Now all of a sudden I can't even do that. With the Apple BT keyboard, I unpaired it from both Vista and OS X, and then paired first with Vista, and now it works fine on both OS's. Vista can detect the mouse, but can't pair with it. Has anybody had any luck with this?
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Oh right, that shitty OS before Windows 7…so many memories…

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stop mixing apple and windows vista; they don’t like each other.

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I eventually figured out my problem. It was something simple like Bluetooth discovery was not fully enabled in Vista. Since then I’ve happily swapped Vista out for 7. Much better…

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@chaingarden Hah, GA for even answering our stupid replies.

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