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Is Time on Mars felt the same as on Earth?

Asked by interalex (130points) November 30th, 2010

If divided in 24 hours etc does a Martian hour have the same length as on the Earth?
Will we say, for example, 10 Earth hours but meaning more or less Mars hours?
Will human residents on Mars feel tired earlier or later than on Earth with regard to the factor of Martian time?

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Time would actually be the same, but it would have to be measured as “Earth Time” or “Mars Time” since the rotation and orbit length of the planet is different.

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Well, in terms of length of a second or minute. It may be the same. But, days will be a little different.

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And here is a cool clock for Mars.

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Since the day on Mars is almost the same length as the day on Earth, humans won’t have to adjust their diurnal rhythms very much. That probably wouldn’t be a big deal. So we would experience the day as being the same.

Since Mars takes longer to orbit the sun, the seasons, such as they may be, will be longer and different. This will confuse people’s internal rhythms, and it will just seem a little off, somehow. The amount of sun will make things feel weird, too, but that will happen all the time.

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Since the gravity on mars is higher than on earth, time would pass a bit slower (as per general relativity). However, it would be a relatively small difference.

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@roundsquare Gravity on Mars is less than gravity on the Earth, so it would be the opposite.

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@Rarebear is right. The Earth is 9.2 times more massive than Mars. Also, Mare is further from the mass of the sun. Therefore, Earth clocks would run a slight bit faster on Mars because of the effects of Relativity.

However, sidereal time on Mars is amazingly close to that of Earth. The Martian solar day is 24 hours, 39 minutes, and 35.260726 seconds long. So we wouldn’t notice a huge change in the time it takes a solar day to pass. However the Martian year is almost twice as long as Earth’s year. Seasons would change much more slowly.

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@ETpro Time would run slower on Earth. Time runs slower in a gravity well.

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@Rarebear That is what I said, inartfully, prehaps. I might better had said “Clocks” rather than “Earth clocks”—but I did go on to say, ”’...would run a slight bit faster on Mars because of the effects of Relativity.” Clocks faster on Mars = colcks slower on Earth. :-)

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@ETpro After reading it again, you’re right. Sorry! I read what you wrote backwards.

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