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Why 'Jellies'?

Asked by Soubresaut (12802points) November 30th, 2010

I know on the level of a fluther being a group of jellies. And don’t get me wrong—I love being a jelly, I love the name Fluther, I think Dr. J is beyond cute.

But I’ve been wondering: where’d the jellyfish theme come from?

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The etymology is lost in the mists of time but I suspect Ben and Andrew made it up in about 2006.

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I guess it’s just one of many things that may be used to associate an online community towards its very definition. Coulda been a school of bluefish, a pack of seagulls, or a pirhana invasion.
Granted, jellyfish is an odd choice, but that’s how you know it’s good. Fuck the norm, and anything that would otherwise attract your common online sowbug. And despite all this, nobody can deny the charm of the word ’‘jelly’’. Cmon man.

Personally, I woulda preferred something about Jaws or zombies, but eh this works fine. XD

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I know.. but I am not going to tell… ~

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Okay maybe I will hint…

Here has some info….

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Because poodles would drown.

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Ben and Andrew were on their way to a berry farm when they lost their way and ended up at an aquarium. The rest is history.

Just think. If they hadn’t made the wrong term, we might be calling ourselves “Jammers.” Or would that have been the case had they ended up at a pajama factory?

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A Fluther is a gathering of jellyfish.

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Why not jellies?

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I know that they specifically wanted a group of animals that cooperate in a kind of hive-mind fashion, and thought of many that might work but were already in use as domain names. Fluther fit the bill and was available.

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Because jellyfish look harmless and friendly but pardon my nematocysts: TAKE THAT!!! They can also sting like a bee times 10 to the 26th power. OUCH!

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A murder of crows would have been….....well, appropriate…..different…...unusual….fun! :¬)

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I prefer jellies to clownies. You know… clown fish?

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@ucme That would rule.

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@Symbeline I like to think so.

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