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Would this be a creepy thing to do for someone you like?

Asked by gameface1001 (15points) November 30th, 2010

Long story short this guy and I have been talking for 6 months, we never met but are rather close. Right now we are miles and miles away but it feels as though we know each other really well. We are not dating but care about each other alot and plan to meet in January. I wanted to surprise him with something to show I’m pretty serious about things but I am afraid it might seem kind of odd. What do you guys think?

We both LOVE pizza, so I was thinking about having a pizza delivered to his apt by surprise(paid of course) with the toppings arranged as a heart….weird? He has said he loves me as a person and could easily see us falling hard once we met and i agree….Am I taking it to far or do you think thats a suddle and cute way to say i’m serious about this?

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You could set up a video dinner date, and pizza delivered to both you and him. That would be fun, and not creepy.

psst. It’s “subtle”, not “suddle”

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I’m not too sure about that one. It would really depend on the guy. Also heart usually symbolizes “love” more than “like”, which might be a bit scary for the guy who’s never met you. How about making him something you think he might like? If it looks like you’ve put some time into it, he’ll get the idea that you’re invested in him. Just take things slowly, and don’t go over the top; relationships are flaky/fragile in the beginning.

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I don’t think it’s at all creepy if your relationship has been moving that way for a while. It would be creepy if it was early on, and he was not quite even that familiar with you.

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@BarnacleBill I have thought about this before too, I think it’s a good idea

@gorillapaws Yeah I agree with you as well I’m pretty sure he would appreciate it but at the same time you never know…we have never exchanged any physical gifts before but I feel like I want something to make it more real….more like physical then text and calls and video chatting and stuff. I just don’t wanna take it toooo far ya know ha

@zenvelo we have had some downfalls and such but we always recover, things are probably as good as they are going to get right now until we meet. I feel like I may be trying to push them forward more then he is but at this point January still seems awhile away and I think the lack of in person meeting and stuff is taking it’s toll. I have never done anything like this before and never in a million years thought I would…but we met and it worked…and it is lol

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@gameface1001 good luck with it all! Sending the pizza is a great idea – why not just leave it at a pizza with his favourite toppings, without doing the heart thing? He’ll be touched enough at that, and not freaked out by the “love” element… Also, think carefully re any time differences and being sure that he’s going to be in etc etc.

Meeting someone in this way is hugely exciting and exhilarating, so I wish you all the best with it. Be gentle with eachother when you meet in person.

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I think sending the pizza is thoughtful, cute, not creepy. The heart might be a little bit over the top.

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I agree with harple and TheOnlyNeffie.

This is the third vote for the “heartless” pizza delivery. ;-)

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Pizza, no heart. I like the idea of an online pizza dinner date.

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I don’t like surprises, and if the surprise is off the mark in any way, it’s a big turnoff. Besides which, men are pretty clueless, and he might not interpret the gesture in the way you mean it.

I can imagine things I might want to receive from a woman I only knew over the internet, but that would be something we had specifically discussed first.

Of course, you know your boyfriend and I don’t. You know your history with him, and I don’t. Food seems like a risky thing to go with, unless he’s warned.

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Well… I’m more or less with @wundayatta on this. Surprises per se aren’t so bad, but if there’s “too much invested”, then it can backfire.

For example, it could be (just perhaps, maybe) that you are more invested in this budding relationship than you are. Or that he has the same kind of relationship with two or a dozen other women online and around the world. Or that he’s entertaining a woman at home on the day that your pizza arrives.

So a pizza delivery with a symbolic meaning on it (and let’s not even get into who makes the thing and how well they execute and deliver your darling idea) could have an effect opposite to what you intend. He could be putt off that you seem so ‘serious’; he could be confused about who it’s from and what it means, or he could have to make an awkward explanation to his ‘regular’ girlfriend that would make him angry at you.

All I can really say on this is, “At least it’s not jewelry.”

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If you’re not down for the heart toppings, what about a smiley face? Put some toppings on as normal, then smiley pepperoni. I think that’s cute :)

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The only girl in my life allowed to use smiley faces is my daughter, and so far, she has had the good sense to not use them or at least not use them around me. If any other woman in my life used them, that would be grounds for divorce.

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I’m just curious how you would divorce a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt or family friend…

But I’ll just quietly wonder to myself.

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It’s sappy, pathetic and disgusting, but I’d love it if someone did it for me. Go for it!

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I don’t typically answer things like this but yeah it sounds like a cute way to say that your serious.
Just be sure that when you go to see him someone knows where you are.

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@CyanoticWasp call it a separation, then ;-)

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I think you ought to give it a try but without the heart. Another vote for pizza without the heart.

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Just be absolutely positive he’s not married or living with someone before you do something impromptu like that.

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From a Guy’s point of view I would except pizza from anyone, guy or girl and love them for it.

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That would win me over, I love pizza and I can eat it everyday. Do it.

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@wundayattawhat’s so wrong with a pepperoni smiley face? I think it’d be deliciously cute! And I’ll have you know that emoticons count as smiley faces ;)

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Holy hell, has anyone else seen how this is much like the question about that guy who kept sending a girl cakes?

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Well I think that’s cute idea but not a way to say “I am serious with you” or “I want to get serious with you.” I say go for it though who knows where that might lead to.

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@fred I wouldnt send them on repeat, i dont know what question the cake thing is but it sounds bad ha…I just felt like everyone likes food and it’s not as creepy as a physical gift but still kinda makes things more serious in a way…like not all electronic like….im kinda scared to do it though..i dont wanna creep him out lol.

Also everyone about the heart…If I went with the heart I was kinda thinking about maybe making it like this ”<3” lol because we have had so many of those exchanged through txt and email that it might be kinda funny and ironic…..but the more I think about it…the heart might not be the best idea lol Ill let you know what happens!

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@gameface1001 Fluther has its own little memes, and one of those is a question about a girl who was concerned about a guy whom she had not met for awhile, and for some time, she was receiving weekly cakes at her doorstep.

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@Seelix I’m not into cute. It makes me throw up. I don’t think it would be a good move to throw up on my dates dinner.

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@Plone3000 said just what I was thinking. We are talking about a guy here – he will love getting a pizza, no matter who it is from. You will certainly get his attention in a cute, thoughtful kind of way without appearing too desperate. Forget the heart thing – that takes it too far.

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