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Are answers enough?

Asked by Soubresaut (13700points) November 30th, 2010

In life. Real life.
You’ve got a question, and you can be sure there are hundreds, thousands, of people all with their own answers, all ready to respond.

The answers help. A lot of the time they’re all I need.
But what about when they’re not?

Things in my and your? life that I have all the answers I could possibly want to have, from anyone I could possibly want an answer from, and something’s still missing. And I ask, and ask, and get answer after answer…

At a certain point, for certain things, do you find that answers aren’t enough? What things? And what do you do then?
Or if not… why not? How not?

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Sweet holy moly, sometimes the answer has to come from you yourself. If you ask if you should pursue a certain career choice, people can tell you the pros and cons as they see it but in the end you know what you want to achieve or hope to gain so after hearing all the ideals, facts and opinions, you have to decide which ones make the best sense for you. No one else is living your life or making those decisions to what or who is best for you, so in the end, you are the one who can at least make the choice even if the answers you seek is not there precisely.

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No. It is understanding we seek, answers only help us to understand.

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Not really, answers are not enough, no. And I think that’s because all of us, on some level, know that there aren’t really any answers. We’re all thrown into this crazy mix from the cosmos, the random chaos – into thinking beings… And it’s really hard to make sense of it all.

If we can get answers from anyone, for anything – and we can – but alllll of those answers vary… What, then, is the answer to whatever question we so happen to ask? Can we all be wrong, can we all be right? Are only some wrong and some right? If we have the ability to question an answer, what, then… Is the answer? If we answer questions with questions, what is the answer?

Does this answer your question…?

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Can we answer an answer? If we pick and choose the answers we like, doesn’t that mean we all already have the answers? Why then, are we asking the question? What does it mean when someone doesn’t have the answer? What does it mean when that someone is us?

…That’s a genuine question. What is your answer?

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When you’ve got a collection of different answers and they’re still not enough then you need to make your own decisions. I’m dreadful at making decisions, I procrastinate and weigh up the pros and cons and then I still can’t decide, so sometimes I actually never even make a decision, so by doing nothing I am actually making a decision.

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The only answer in your universe that matters is your answer.
Looking to follow others is safe but then you avoid life.
To find the answer sometimes you have to forget the question.
The world will show you your answers
You have to have your eyes open to see it.

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Sometimes you know the answer , deep inside, and your are too afraid to admit it, because it isn’t the answer you want or need in order to continue in a certain way, but it is the truth.
Sometimes the truth is hard to conceive, so you live the lie.

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Actions speak louder than words. There are times I need someone to show me they mean what they say. As an example…“Of course I love you” sometimes doesn’t always cut it.

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Sometimes you need to sped time processing the question and then the potential answers. You have to just be with something.

Sometimes your emotions need to catch up with your intellect.

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I find that this happens when I am depressed. There are no answers that can fix me. No person that could fix me. Once I went through person after person, looking for the one who would make me feel better… or human… or whatever I was looking for. None of them were it.

Gradually, thanks mostly to drugs, and a little bit to therapy, I became less depressed, and as I grew less depressed, my need for those kinds of answers diminished. It happened without me really noticing. One day I woke up and realized it didn’t bother me any more. I no longer had this emptiness inside me that no answer could fill and no love could fill.

I think part of my problem is darkness. Winter. Because I get more depressed in Winter, and the questions come back and the uncertainty comes back and even that bottomless pit starts to appear every once in a while. Why do I want these things? Why do other people not want these things? How can I balance my needs with what is socially acceptable? How can I balance my needs with my responsibilities?

The answer is always that I can’t balance those things. I always have to make choices, and the choice that looks the best is always the wrong one. But when the questions are upon me, I can’t think with conviction any more. I move by instinct, held back by knowledge and analysis, and the tension grows terribly within me, and the questions seem answerless and I despair again, and if I’m not careful, I’ll really go down the tubes.

I feel like such a needy guy, and that thought leads to others, and next thing I know I can’t climb out of the pit. It’s judging myself that leads to these problems. It’s not being accepting of myself. It’s constantly needing approval.

Maybe if I take a few deep breaths I can let these ideas go, instead of holding them in and letting them give me a headache. Jeez. If people wanted headaches, I could teach them how to bring them on so well, they’d name a school after me.

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I find that answers often just lead to more questions. There are never enough answers.

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