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How can I put together a cheap fixie?

Asked by gsiener (454points) April 6th, 2008

Thinking about getting a fixie but I’m not sure if I should invest in a new bike…

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Where do you live? Find out if there is a community bike shop and you can usually get frames and parts for relatively cheap…......if you are in the Bay Area, check out the Bike Kitchen in SF

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I actually live in an out island of The Bahamas. This definitely makes things tougher, and means that I need to do some searching and planning in anticipation of my next stateside trip

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oh….. are you the same guy that asked the other bike repair question? I have no idea what you should do : ) but really, when you do come to the states there are lots of bike shops that are designed to help you DIY

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Yeah, that was probably me. Thanks for the tips, will try to find a good shop next time I’m over

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1. Locate an old road bike or ‘city bike’ (I’m sure you know this, but I would make sure the
rims are true.) In looking for your bike, try to find one with horizontal dropouts, see:
You can still make a fixed gear with (the more common) vertical dropouts but you
will have to readjust and tighten the back hub a lot.
2. Remove all the shifters, cables and cogs except the cog you choose for your preferred ratio.
3. You MUST get a thicker chain than a normal road bike chain, as you don’t want a chain snapping on you. BMX chains work and they are cheaper than track bike chains.
4. If you are not used to fixed gear, I would leave the front brake on. Some people like to put a BMX brake on the front.

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