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Fluther Roll Call ~ December 2010?

Asked by AmWiser (14937points) December 1st, 2010

Who’s here?
Who’s not? (who are you missing?)
Who’s just passing through?
Who’s Lurking?

Wow! It’s the first day of the last month of the year Twenty-Ten or as some prefer, Thousand Ten.
So while roaming around the fluther sea,
Stop on by say hello;
And let us know how you be.

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I am here. :D I’m okay really. been better. how are you?

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I’m here. The project’s done so I have a little breathing space – until the next one.

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I am here. My cold is getting better so I’ll have to leave and do stuff… or not.

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I’m here.

Freezing my ass off in this uninsulated house. I need a buxom woman to keep me warm. Any volunteers?

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And leave my warm house? Sorry, Darlin’, as cute as you are, I don’t love you that much! ;-)

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you like my lurve score? <<wearing a “22222” lurve score shirt. Shakes tatas>>

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@Aesthetic_Mess I doin’ good. Thanx
@FutureMemory Sorry, I don’t think I’m buxom enough :D
and plus it’s freezing here too. I’m like @JilltheTooth I’m not leaving my warmth.
@mama_cakes Great! I can only dream of the day. hehehe!

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here / lurking. I got a bit of game fever the last few days, so I mostly just drop by every couple hours in between wars.

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Hi! I’m present!

I would like my prize now, please.

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I’m here.
And I still miss EPZ.

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I’m here and bummed that the “My Question” function is not working.

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Barely….more coffee please!! Pretty please!! I’M BEGGING YOU PLEASE!!!

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@Cruiser : Settle down there, fella, it’s on the way. Nice Kona blend do for ya?

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I’m here. I’ve been here for about a month now, and I have to say: I love you guys. You brighten my day.

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Still here. The all of politically incorrect me.

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Still here—stop by a few times each day. Enjoying the commentary of others.

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Found my way back…

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I’m here and very excited that it’s December. This is going to be a very exciting month for me!!

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I’m not here. Any comment of mine that you see is an imitation and not suitable for the lactose intolerant. Or those who pee in the morning. Not that they’re related. Or not related. Or not not related. Sheesh. My head is spinning.

I want my questions back, too. :(

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^^Maybe, that @wundayatta‘s stalker.

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@rangerr Me too! Someone needs to stand up for the spiders! and ChazMaz too :(

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@jonsblond I miss Chaz too. I’m here, passing through, lurking and visiting.

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I’m here, inwardly gloating over the first two real loaves of bread I’ve ever made. They’re cooling on the counter and look beautiful. I hope they taste good too! My previous breads have been of the “no knead” variety, and I finally worked up the nerve to try something more complicated!

I’m also trying to ignore the temptation to peek inside the little doors on the Lego advent calendar. Who will crack first, me or the kids?!?!?!

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I’m here….. freezing cold in snow bound UK… don’t do cold weather at all, but I love Christmastime!!
How are you?

ucme's avatar

<<<< Woz ere 01/12/10

harple's avatar

Here! (And hoping @Cruiser got his coffee! Mmmm, coffee…....)
I miss Austinlad :(

BoBo1946's avatar

Attention Hut !

J0E's avatar

(C’mon Joe, think of something clever to say.)

Not here.

(Well done.)

tinyfaery's avatar

Still here.

free_fallin's avatar

Here, having my third cup of tea, snacking on tortilla chips with salsa, planning the menu for a Christmas party and lurking. Always lurking.

DominicX's avatar


(We have to say that in my Japanese class when the 先生 calls our names).

Let’s see, I’ve been on this site since June 1, 2009. I ain’t leaving any time soon… :P

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Here. Saw my son off to the airport this morning after a good Thanksgiving visit at home. Working on my final paper for Dramatic Lit. class, just signed up for Cultural Anthro. next quarter. Having Christmas shopping frets.

Passed my two-year mark on fluther during November.

JilltheTooth's avatar

Happy Fluth-day, @Jeruba , and may I say Cate does look fetching, today!

Jeruba's avatar

Thank you, @JilltheTooth. She has a Christmas ornament on her ear, replacing the cranberry that she wore for the past month. If she only knew.

Berserker's avatar

Waddup foos

Hawaii_Jake's avatar

Aloha no kakou!

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I’m here and I be good. I’m still missing my father who passed away from cancer 10 years ago. The holidays and Christmas are still lonely without him, even after a decade. I’m going to pass through and lurk later on. Today was a Fluther answer contribution day for me.

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@Jeruba I missed the cranberry! But the ornament is beautiful!

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I’m here… At least three times a day.

@Bluefreedom Big {{{HUGS}}} For you even though I don’t know you, but I can totally relate, my holiday is now missing some very important people, and the holidays have not been the same since they have been gone.

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Here and frozen!!

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Mostly lurking. I have finals next week. Oh joy.

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What the fuck was i on when i wrote that? Scratch the “the” at the beginning of the sentence, Jesus Christ, that makes me cringe.

YARNLADY's avatar

Is this really a useful function of Meta?

tedibear's avatar


I miss Austinlad and Chaz, too.

iphigeneia's avatar

Ich bin da.

It’s my first real day off in a while, so I thought I’d spend it on the internet.

KatawaGrey's avatar

I’m here but my professors want to murder me so they are burying me with papers and homework and readings.

Come to the chat room if you want to see how I’m doing. I’ve been wasting a lot of time in there. :)

awacting's avatar

I’M HERE!! and never goin anywhere!

Brian1946's avatar

I will be absent from this thread by the next time someone reads it. ;-p

ducky_dnl's avatar

I am currently present.

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@YARNLADY This is a great use for the Meta section! It’s fun to post who all is here, then go back to this question later and see who’s gone and remember them fondly. Do you always have your panties in a bunch, or do you save it all up for fluther?

I’m here! With hot tea! And cookies! :P

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

@tedibear Wait, what? Where the hell are Austinlad and Chaz???

filmfann's avatar

I am here. Just trying to make my way thru the piles of questions.

AstroChuck's avatar

<—Called in sick.

rooeytoo's avatar

G’day Mateys, I here but not for long, off to the beach, I’ll be back later if the crocs don’t get me!

SamIAm's avatar

here and official californian for one year today! woot woot!

Coloma's avatar


Just back from the snow, feelin’ great!


Don’t they make some sort of Croc repellent? lol

Haleth's avatar

Here! Saving up to take a vacation after Christmas. I’m going to fly into Miami, drive down to the Florida keys, and check out all the Hemingway cats. This Christmas I also get to see my sister. It’s the first time in a year that she’s gotten enough leave to come home from the Air Force.

Coloma's avatar


I’d love to see the Hemingway cats, fun!

Fred931's avatar

@erichw1504 I got a 100, do I get pancakes?

Tropical_Willie's avatar

Pancakes for everyone that answered, just go see @camertron

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Hi. I’ll be popping in and out this month. I took a temp gig where I’ll be working every day of the week for over 8 hours most days. I need the dough, so… and when I’m not working or sleeping, I’ll be doing some F2F socializing with friends and fam over the holidays.

So, hi, folks! And see you soon!

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@WillWorkForChocolate I’m wondering why the state of my panties is of any interest to you.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
Response moderated (Flame-Bait)
Response moderated
WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

You know what? Have me modded all you want. Neither of my comments above were personal attacks, they were simple truths. All modding me does it make you look like a baby who can’t take criticism.

J0E's avatar

@WillWorkForChocolate Who are you talking to? YARNLADY isn’t the one modding you.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

@J0E No, but she’s the one who can’t take criticism and keeps flagging my comments and gets her way every single time. My comments weren’t personal attacks at all, but she flagged them as such, so one of her mod friends removed them for her. I’ve flagged a few of hers in the past that were completely unhelpful and they all remain to this day. She’s got a fluther mod buddy.

gm_pansa's avatar

i’m here as of today! :D

rooeytoo's avatar

@joe – how do you know who is modding whom, just out of curiosity??? Or who is doing the flagging???

J0E's avatar

@rooeytoo I don’t, just like everyone else doesn’t, that’s the point. But I do know YARNLADY isn’t a mod so it’s silly to accuse her of modding anything.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

@J0E I didn’t accuse her of modding anything. I said she could “have me modded” all she wanted. That means having a mod remove my comments, not doing it herself. And the reason I know she’s flagging me is because she has been ever since the first time I PM’d her and asked her to stop posting “see this similar question” on every other question. She then thought it was cute to make that remark on one of my questions completely out of spite and has been flagging me ever since, every time I comment about it.

Seaofclouds's avatar

@WillWorkForChocolate I’m just curious, but why does it bother you when someone posts that the question was asked before and posts a link to the old question? All that does is give you the opportunity to see what people have had to say about the topic before, so I’m not sure why it would upset you so much.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

@Seaofclouds It wouldn’t bother me if it was posted only occasionally. It bothers me because it’s posted on half the questions I see, and IMHO it’s completely unnecessary. It hurts nothing to have similar questions posted, and it’s just annoying to see “see this similar question” all the bloody time. And from the PM’s I’ve gotten and GA’s I’ve gotten from commenting on it, apparently I’m not the only one it annoys.

Seaofclouds's avatar

@WillWorkForChocolate I agree it hurts nothing to have similar questions, but I don’t see how it hurts to have more answers than what you get from just that one questions. By having a link to the old question, you get more answers, seems like a good thing to me. I guess that’s just me though. Thanks for explaining it to me though.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

@Seaofclouds Really my main issue is that it’s drastically overdone. It’s gotten repetitive to the point where a lot of people are ignoring it now and just find it annoying.

chyna's avatar

I find it annoying also, especially if the question was at least a year old. To me, it comes off as saying that it’s been asked before, why are you asking again, IMHO

YARNLADY's avatar

@chyna Referencing a similar question is a service to the readers who want to see more answers to their current question and is absolutely in no way putting down the current asker.

@WillWorkForChocolate You always leave out the part where you sent a PM threat to me that you would flag every one of my comments with links to similar questions. I only flag comments that name me personally and include name calling or panty insults. Leave me out of your comments and they will not get flagged.

augustlan's avatar

[mod says] Ok, guys. Knock off the back and forth bickering, please.

YARNLADY's avatar

@augustlan I’d be happy to.

rangerr's avatar

This is probably why people disappear from Fluther.

chyna's avatar

@rangerr Thinking about it…

Aethelwine's avatar

@chyna time to take the wagon elsewhere girlie? I’ll follow.

JilltheTooth's avatar

@chyna : Oh no you’re not!
You either, @jonsblond!

chyna's avatar

@JilltheTooth I need a break. Too much fighting and too many people being rude just to be rude.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

@YARNLADY I sent you a message, not a threat. If it were a threat, wet noodles and cheerios would have been involved.

Aethelwine's avatar

lmao…. wet noodles and cheerios. love it

Fred931's avatar

I’m not sure if that was a dirty joke, so saying something that would make it look like I thought it was a dirty joke when it wasn’t might make things much more awkward…

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

@Fred931 Well darling, if I told you, I’d have to kill you. Quite possibly with wet noodles and cheerios.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

@Fred931 I’d do it gently, I promise. :)

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

@Fred931 LOL, no it wasn’t. Not this time anyway.

Aethelwine's avatar

I hope everyone has a great Christmas. I’m going to enjoy the holiday with my family. I left high school 20 years ago. I don’t need the drama I’ve dealt with the past few days here. Love you guys!

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After my return from surgery etc, noticed that Chaz is gone. I’ve learned to stay out of these matters, but really miss his dry sense of humor here.

Adagio's avatar

Present… intermittently… can’t believe how quickly this year has passed, don’t imagine I am alone in that… the weather is certainly hotting up here down under, nice to be entering into summer, trying to get my garden planted, vicariously, very slow progress, rather frustrating, Christmas shopping 98% done, phew! Warmest greetings to all : ^)

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Like a fading ghost barely there but here. The ghost of Christmas past,
If I don’t see you all before Xmas, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Eggie's avatar

here!!....pant…pant….sorry to be late…...

bunnygrl's avatar

ooooooooeeeeeeeeee <jumps up and down, waving> I’m here. Trying to survive the cold which is trying to chill my little nose and toes off.
hugglys all xx

ChocolateReigns's avatar

I’m here…I’m pretty exhausted, though. This cold is taking a lot out of me. I wonder if I still have a fever…I hope not. Well, yeah, I’m here.

Pandora's avatar

“Strolls in fashionably late bringing eggnog for everyone.” HERE!
I hope the pancakes aren’t cold. Nevermind. The eggnog has rye whiskey, rum and brandy. If anyone is cold, just have a drink. It should warm you up.

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