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Why is "In God we trust" printed on our currency, When greed is a sin?

Asked by Robby (252points) April 6th, 2008

I always wondered why this was. It never made sense to me seeing greed is a sin. Maybe someone can enlighten me on this?

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greed is sin, money is not. The love of money is a sin. Love God, i think its just there to show that the foundation of our country even our currency is in God.

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what does greed have to do with a dollar bill? You can be filled with greed and have nothing to do with money. That’s like saying why do guns kill people ? Guns don’t kill people , people kill people.

Very good question tho.

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Ive gone to the us treasury in DC and the reason it says that is because our nation is based on Christianity so we trust in god. So that isnt nessicerly a sin

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I wanna go there!

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I agree with most on this so far. America revolves around money and alot of people out there lie, cheat and steal to make this money. Even thoughs that think there honest. Which all comes down to greed because of money. And yes people can be filled with greed for other resons but my question was specific. I just never understood why and this is the perfect place to find that out..

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“America revolves around money…” : Every country, and every civilization has been built upon trade. As far back as our history goes. Whether it was a goat, land, or a dollar – something always acted as currency.

”...people lie, steal, and cheat…” : As varied as the human population is, it is silly to think we will ever be separated from the dark-souled breed. There will always be people who try to gain without giving. Sure, you could take the dollar away, but a new currency would sprout in its place – young girls for sex, livestock, drugs, anything. The currencies would be outlandish because no one (meaning most people) owns anything that can continually produce, such as land. It is not money’s fault that evil exists, and suggesting that money is where evil exists is a false and circular premise.

“Which all comes down to greed because of money. [sic]” : As someone said above, guns do not kill people. The inanimate object cannot have attributes reserved for humanity. Greed would exist even if money did not. Greed is a characteristic of humans – some have it, others do not.

And this summarizes my response to the original question: money is not equal to greed. Greedy people create the problem.
As for the “In G-d we trust,” the founding father’s trusted in G-d and wanted it inscribed on the currency of their country. The statement does not in any way convey judgement of sin, or the tenets of Christianity.

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ya!!!!! Squirbel is back!!!!!!!!

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“in god we trust” was first inscribed on u.s. currency in the 1860’s, though use of the phrase was not required by law until 1908.

the phrase was not adopted as the nation’s official motto until 1956. the founding fathers made no mention of it. it is believed by many, myself included, that the only reason the issue came up was because of the widespread suspicion and dislike of the u.s.s.r. and the principles of communism, to which congress felt it appropriate to legislate our opposition.

“e pluribus unum” (which is latin for “from many, one” was adopted by the founding fathers as the inscription for the great seal of the united states, but was never officially declared as the national motto.

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Well all right!! Alot of good answers thanks guys… Just always wondered because I was to lazy to do my own reserch…...LoL

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I think it was intended just as a shout out to God, as we embarked on a deed as bold as printing up paper money as a new country.

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