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A team earning a spot in the post season to skip it a savvy move or a disservice to the playes and league?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) December 1st, 2010

Is it fair, smart, savvy, unethical or what to go through a whole season but then not complete it? In the case of Montverde Academy the international boarding school boasts one of the most highly touted and recruited rosters in the state, with nearly all members of the team hailing from overseas, including 10 from Brazil. Yet despite the 7–0 Eagles’ competitive dominance, they elected to pass up on trying to compete to unseat Tampa Prep in order to spend more time developing the team’s players with the hope of helping them land college scholarships. The school prides itself on that ethos, and now boasts a brand new, $5 million athletic complex which it officially opened just more than a week ago. How would scuttling the post season take that much away? Would it not arm them better, not only to deal with the pressure of the situation but to give them even more or varied playing experience? If that was not a goal then why spend millions on a sports complex? What of the teams who lost a chance at the slot the Eagles are thumbing their nose at because they were beat by the Eagles during the season? Should those losses not have counted against them and should the Eagles has said that they planned not to attend the post season should they be good enough so all the opponents they faced be classified as scrimmages and not as real stat producing games? Does it seem the Eagles are scared of losing their perfect record in the post season so they are quitting on their terms? Having a team of essentially overseas ringers maybe they chose this move because they feel guilty? What is your thoughts on it? If they didn’t play because it is pretty much known they would win so why play is that arrogance?

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I think it is unsportsmanlike. In addition to possibly trying to hold onto a perfect record, they are robbing Tampa Prep the opportunity to finish their season.

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I just read the entire article and, as I understand it, they are not in a league. They play other independent schools who want to play them. If I were the other schools, I would choose to take them off of the schedule for next year. Why even play them during regular season if they are just going to jump ship come playoffs?

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