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How do I jailbreak 1.1.4?

Asked by flip193 (208points) April 6th, 2008 from iPhone

I am on 1.1.4 and iPhone and am about to jailbreak using Ziphone however I am not sure what button to click…. Do I click plain. ” jailbreak” or ” activate and jailbreak” and by the way I have never jailbroken and I am already activated through AT&T

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I did just jail break. I love it.

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hairypalm’s right-make sure you have sync’d with iTunes before you do though! Just in case something goes wrong and you have to restore/wipe the iPhone.

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thank you. theres also lots of guides and walk throughs on google. Just do more reading and make sure that’s what you want to do. @sndfre this has nothing to do witht this question, but I just found out I don’t get my military discount anymore because i bought the iphone. What is this world comming too.

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No one answered the question .? What button do u click??????

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umm…hairypalm did^^

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mid left button that says>>>>>>JAILBREAK IPHONE>

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just use iFuntastic, right now it costs money to buy the program and use it fully but to jailbreak its free and thats all i really need

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now that I have jailbroken what are the fixes for ipod and everything like to install more apps or to get my ipod working on my iPhone?????????

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flip-read ziphone’s Blog @

Jailbreaking installs a program called Installer, which is a self-contained interface for installing the 3rd party apps, themes and tweaks. For themes, you’ll need to install SummerBoard app prior tobusing themes.

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