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If you had to pick one organ to internally rupture inside of you which one would you pick and why?

Asked by Eclipse (132points) December 1st, 2010

Humor and cleverness is encouraged.

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This one. :) because it blows

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That’s a strange but funny video. Mission accomplised. Here’s your “great answer mark” from me.

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The song they sing during that part is one of the most clever I have ever heard.

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@ucme Thanks, I think I will. Eclipse holds his hands out greedily to accept a liver from a complete stranger…

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@Eclipse The shit we pull on here eh? :¬)

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My gallbladder- because I don’t have it anymore!

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Too easy. I won’t go there.

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I’d pick one of yours.

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I have an organ I’d be willing to let blow inside of some specific people… but not so much the other way around…..

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My skin. Come to think of it, I frequently get internal ruptures in this most important organ. These internal ruptures are generally referred to as bruises, and outside of the temporary discoloration for the most part they don’t cause any permanent damage.

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Careful with those explosions you might create a little time bomb.

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