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What parts of Mexico are still considered safe for travel?

Asked by holli (487points) December 1st, 2010

Obviously the borders are seriously affected but are the interior locations considered safe? Has anyone visited recently (last few months)? I’m looking to get away and Mexico is close but it seems difficult to determine the safe factor.

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I would not recommend traveling by road, particularly at night.

Other than that, the usual tourist places (e.g., the beaches) are safe.

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For beaches the only two I would not recommend right now is Acapulco and Manzanillo. More than likely you wouldn’t have any problems, but just to be on the safe side – for beaches – I would recommend Puerto Vallarta or the nice beaches of Huatulco or Puerto Escondido. But that´s just me. And yes, do not drive at night on the highways.

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I would consider the Caribbean instead.

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Drug wars are constant in Mexico. its a country just about out of control. i would not recommend going to any part of Mexico. Mexico City has the worst air pollution of any city on the planet.

In other words, if the bandidos do not get you, the air pollution will.

Try Jamaica, instead. there is much more security for travelers in Jamaica.

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I just saw an advertisement for tourists to visit Monterrey. I would only stay in the tourist places, though. Random travel is not recommended.

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we just went to Riviera Maya in October and stayed at the resort. It was a great trip. I would not have chosen Mexico myself but we went with a large group of friends. I would go to Jamaica or somewhere in the Virgin Islands if you have a choicel

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