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How can I get an apple mighty mouse to work in windows 7?

Asked by XOIIO (18328points) December 1st, 2010

I tried an apple mighty mouse on my pc, and it works just as smoothly as it does on the macs. It is great for photoshop, and worked the same in cs5 on my PC. How can I get the scroll wheel to work horizontally, and possible change the functions of the side buttons (both apparently work as the back button on a web browser),
maybe one of them could be for the aero desktop.

Any advice?

Apparently there was a japanese driver, but I can’t buy stuff online. The mouse is worth the $50 but the horizontal scrolling would be great. I also want to change the LED to blue;)

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Try using X-mouse to control the buttons.

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Awesome! Going to get the mouse now!

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It works GREAT!

Now I have lots of sweet shortcut options!

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