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Do you like tuna casserole?

Asked by marinelife (62485points) December 1st, 2010

I love the recipe that I have developed. It is made with cayenne pepper for some zip.

Do you have a good recipe for it?

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I love it!

I use crushed tortilla chips on the bottom and top. I use Chedder and mozzarella and I use half and half (just a little) instead of cream of mushroom soup.

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@mrlaconic I make my own cheese sauce from scratch too. I eschewed the soup long ago. The crushed tortilla chips are an interesting angle.

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I don’t think I’ve ever had it. But I do remember that Mr Kotter, and the other Sweat Hogs, didn’t like Mrs. Kotter’s tuna casserole.

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Love it! Probably would only eat mine or my mom’s, though. I get icked-out by my imagination too easily. The Stouffer’s one is actually pretty good but it is hard to find.

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I love tuna anything.

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My wife almost died from eating tuna noodle casserole she made.

All of our married life, my wife has made a great tuna noodle casserole. she has never had a problem with this, until one Sunday afternoon. we had not had anything to eat all day and both of us ate more than our share of the casserole. within 10 minutes of completing our meal, i heard my wife scream for me. she was about to pass out. she said she felt like the blood was leaving her body from her head down to her toes. i immedialtely called 911. before the paramedics arrived, i gave my wife 50 mg. of antihistimine. ambulance arrived within 5 minutes and began an IV of glucose. she began to feel better. she was transported to a nearby hospital. her bloodwork showed an allergic reaction to fish crustaceans. how could this be with tuna fish? doctor explained that sometimes tuna fish is not cleaned as thoroughly as it should be. that other bottom-feeding animals like lobsters and crabs are sometimes cleaned close together at the factory. apparently, some of the crustaceans had worked its way into the can of tuna fish, prepared by my wife and you know the rest.

Giving her the antihistimine possibly saved her life. we keep it on hand all the time now, just in case.

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Tuna casserole seems to get a bad name in regards to taste. I love it. I make it like my mom made it, with the soup. I do use campbell’s soup, as the mushroom flavor seems better. It’s quick, tasty and good stove top, (i nibble on it before i put it in the oven) or baked. I like to add a bit extra black pepper on top of my serving.

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